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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Science Software

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Science

Science Software List

  • Achieve! Math & Science Grades 1-3
    The Learning Company
    ISBN: B00007HULU
    Achieve! Math & Science brings four award-winning educational titles in one to your child's desktop. Designed for younger learners, a series of challenging puzzles, brain-boosting problems, and irresistible games explore essential math and science skills. Tackle topics like addition, subtraction, money math, science basics, and more. Featured titles include: Mighty Math: Carnival Countdown, Mighty Math: Zoo Zillions, Sammy's Science House, and Thinkin' Things: FrippleTown. When math and science are made this much fun, little learners achieve at learning.
  • Achieve! Math & Science Grades 3-6
    The Learning Company
    ISBN: B00007HW23
    Achieve! Math & Science brings four award-winning educational titles in one to your child's desktop. Designed for young learners, a series of challenging puzzles, brain-boosting problems, and irresistible games cover essential math and science skills. Sharpen math skills, explore geometry, learn about electricity, experiment with gravity, and more. Featured titles include: Mighty Math: Calculating Crew, MindTwister Math, Space Academy GX-1, and Thinkin' Science: Zap!. When math and science are made this much fun, young learners achieve at learning.
  • Complete Space & Astronomy 3 CD-Rom Set
    Topics Entertainment
    ISBN: B00005RJFV
    (Jewel Case)
    Explore the mysteries of the universe from your PC with this three-CD-ROM set. Complete Space & Astronomy is a collector set and reference tool for students, home libraries, and space buffs alike. The set includes: History of the Universe, Amazing Universe #3, and Apollo 13: Race Against Time.

    In History of the Universe, find answers to questions about the shape of the universe, the big bang, how it will all end, and much more. The CD-ROM is filled with 50 animations, 70,000 words of text, 75 interactive presentations, two timelines, and four levels of interactive questions and puzzles. With Amazing Universe #3, visit the planets and their moons with NASA space probes and travel into deep space. The CD-ROM contains 550 uncompressed, handpicked images taken by spacecraft and observatories. It is a complete multimedia experience with music, audio, and video.

    If Apollo 11's landing on the moon was NASA's greatest triumph, the safe return of Apollo 13 was its finest hour. Included is a complete re-creation of the flight of Apollo 13 using 3-D animation, original artwork, historic photos, video, and audio recordings. Listen in on the flight controllers as they struggle to bring the crippled spacecraft back to Earth. Short of water, oxygen, and electrical power, Apollo 13 became a race against time. An interview with Jim Lovell reveals just what went wrong. Every detail of this flight was preserved, and it's here on this CD-ROM.
  • Dinosaur Adventure 3-D
    Knowledge Adventure
    ISBN: B00001XDWF
    From island adventures to arcade-style games, there are tons of activities waiting here for the dinosaur fan in your house. The latest version of this long-popular program has much improved graphics and animations. The creatures really do come back to life, and since it covers the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, that includes a lot of creatures! The guide through the different games is Rolf, a young dino who's the only "cutesy" character in the whole program. To help him find his buddy Pterrance, build a maze with different puzzle pieces--it's a great spatial abilities builder. After that, kids can pick from matching games, platform-style skill games, fossil-assembling puzzles, or just plain exploring.

    The 3-D videos are great--exciting and lively without being too scary for the little ones. And with so much information, you'll soon be learning the detailed differences between herbivores and oviraptors just to keep up with your kindergartner! --Jill Lightner
  • Dinosaur Hunter
    DK Multimedia
    ISBN: B00002S87P Review
    Imagine a museum with the bells and whistles of a futuristic society, built back in the Cretaceous period. That's what DK Interactive's Dinosaur Hunter feels like. Granite slabs roll back to reveal maps, a mighty Megalosaur hides in a crevasse, and foreboding ambient sound echoes through the vaulted halls. If you manage to excavate a dinosaur and bring it back to life, roars and heavy footfalls add to the tension. This virtual-reality CD-ROM could be retitled "Jurassic Park meets the Smithsonian."

    Dinosaur fans will delight in the 50 different species in this virtual museum. Yes, you can find Velociraptor and T-rex here, but you can also find obscurities like the thick-skulled Pachycephalosaurus and the horse-sized vegetarian Psittacosaurus. Each dinosaur display comes with an extremely handy audio pronunciation key, well-rendered illustrations, and handfuls of facts. Explorers move through the museum by clicking the cursor after it transforms into a directional arrow; folks who like to see the big picture can install a "you are here" map so they won't get lost.

    Dedicated dinophiles should visit the Excavation Site and rebuild dinosaurs with missing bones. Be forewarned: paleontology isn't for the impatient. This virtual dig is nearly as slow moving and challenging as the real thing. But do stick with it, there's a payoff for the persistent. When you reassemble a dinosaur in this virtual world, it grows flesh, comes to life, and wanders the museum. In our house, we have yet to find out what happens when we add Tyrannosaurus to the Triceratops we already have roaming the halls. (Ages 8 and older)--Anne Erickson
  • Health Quest
    Alpha Omega Publications
    ISBN: 074030304X
    Switched on Schoolhouse
    Health Quest is designed to teach the importance of personal hygiene, fitness methods, as well as personal and ecological stewardship.
    Grade: 4th - 7th Grade
  • I Dig Dinosaurs
    Topics Entertainment
    ISBN: B00005YWE6
    From Topics Entertainment, the publisher of the bestselling software title, A World of Dinosaurs, comes the follow-up box set, I Dig Dinosaurs. 4 CD Set.

    Dinosaur Hunter
    Become a stellar dinosaur hunter! Search for buried bones in excavation sites, and assemble them together to recreate your favorite prehistoric creatures. Fascinating animations and interactive activities will keep the whole family learning while having fun.

    Discovering Dinosaurs
    3D graphics and animations, dinosaur fun facts, and interactive pictures and games makes Discovering Dinosaurs a creative activity CD-ROM for kids of all ages. Unravel puzzles, play dinosaur-related games, create cards, t-shirts, and calendars! This interactive software provides entertainment in a high quality educational setting.

    Dinosaur Encyclopedia
    This CD-ROM is an ultimate dinosaur encyclopedia filled with hundreds of illustrations, over a thousand references, detailed maps, and comprehensive essays. Easy to use with clear explanations and entries, this software is perfect for students, and will prove to be a powerful resource on all things dinosaur!

    Ice Age Adventures: A Mammoth Mystery
    Packed with information, learn about the Ice Age, mammoths, geology, and biology in an interactive, multimedia platform. With extensive video and audio clips, this CD-ROM teaches the family valuable information in an entertaining format. This software also includes updated information on the Mammoth Site - trace fossils and see photos of the discoveries that have been made.
  • JumpStart Animal Adventures
    Knowledge Adventure
    ISBN: B00006352W Review
    When a bat named Batney Ears started singing like Britney Spears, not only were we hooked--we also learned about echolocation. JumpStart: Animal Adventures is a lush mix of entertainment and education that does detailed justice to the wild world of animals.

    The program starts with the news that Habitat magazine is looking for kids who love animals to enter a contest. To fill out the four contest-entry forms, kids must explore a temperate forest, an African savanna, a rain forest, and a tide pool to gather animal information, photographs, and points. Each habitat has three screens, with gorgeous graphics and rich, ambient sound. Leafcutter ants, elephants, crabs, and 37 other creatures gladly share information about themselves and their environment. Clicking on certain animals will yield a catchy video (imagine crabs sounding like Green Day as they sing about limb regeneration) and games.

    The games, which can be adjusted to three difficulty levels, give this program a seamless feel, adding depth to the educational experience. For example, when kids click on a beaver, the beaver launches into a detailed explanation of why it builds dams. The beaver then invites players to cut trees for a dam, adding that they must be small trees because beavers can't move larger ones. After the correct trees are gnawed down, kids can complete the dam by fitting the downed trees into a dam-shaped puzzle. After that, they're invited to gather mud from the riverbank, then help the beaver use his tail to pack the mud into the dam. Your child will play four games, hone spatial and sorting skills, and develop an in-depth understanding of the phrase "busy as a beaver." And this is just one animal in a program that has dozens of creatures to learn from.

    Goal-oriented kids will love relentlessly progressing toward the various rewards the program offers, culminating in a quiz show called "The Animal Smarts Game" that can be played alone, or with a friend. Free-form exploration is also an option. We were impressed with the way JumpStart: Animal Adventures immersed us in exotic environments, and treated games as a teaching tool instead of an afterthought. (Ages 4 and older) --Anne Erickson
  • Living Oceans, The
    Topics Entertainment
    ISBN: B00005R1HH Product Description
    Plunge into the fascinating underwater world of active volcanoes, deep-sea peaks, cavernous trenches, and the longest mountain ridges on Earth. Observe how colorful and complex marine species survive and flourish in the deep. With documentary footage, detailed computer graphics, colorful video clips, Web links, and commentary from leading oceanographers, The Living Oceans four CD-ROM deluxe collection is a content-rich, educational resource for the entire family.

    Investigate the history of sea exploration, ocean topography, hydrothermal vents, an awe-inspiring abyss, and more. This easy-to-use and interactive set delivers a comprehensive and visually stimulating oceanographic reference collection to your desktop, including Our Living Oceans, Our Living Oceans Junior for kids, Oceans from Discovery Channel School, and the Great Barrier Reef screen saver from award-winning marine photographer Bill Wood.

    You'll learn how oceans affect our weather patterns and provide essential food, minerals, and medicines. Dive into the deep sea and explore bottom feeders, sponges, and other fascinating marine life. Uncover the hazards of underwater diving, and see the technology used to descend more than 13,000 feet. Kids learn how to classify marine life by their common characteristics, and how to place them in their correct habitats. Enjoy interactive games, exciting videos, colorful photographs, and comic strips that explain environments in a format that helps kids develop analytical skills while having fun.
  • Magic School Bus 3-CD Bonus Pack Vol 1: Animals, Bugs & Rainforests
    ISBN: B00006I02X
    Climb aboard the Magic School Bus for an adventure-filled ride with untamed science fun for kids ages 6 to 10. Join Ms. Frizzle and her curious students as they learn about animals and bugs of the rainforest in this three CD-ROM Magic School Bus Bonus Pack. Developed by the experts at Scholastic, these award-winning titles bring science to life with animation, sound, photography, narration, and plenty of fun.

    While they enjoy more than 25 games and puzzles, 28 multimedia reports, fun clickables, seven experiments, and much more, kids help Ms. Frizzle and her class in three scientific adventures that span the globe. In The Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals, a beastly mix-up has all the animals from the Wild Animal Park in the wrong places. Kids must travel to seven geographic locations to return each animal to its proper habitat. Crawling with learning activities, The Magic School Bus Explores Bugs shrinks kids down to wee-bug size--wahoo!--to help find missing bugs. And in The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest, kids ride the bus to Costa Rica's rainforest, where they discover different zones, habitats, and ecosystems with Ms. Frizzle and her class. These Magic School Bus titles offer kids fun-filled, fact-packed learning adventures.
  • Magic School Bus 3-CD Bonus Pack Vol 2: Dinosaurs, Solar System & Earth
    ISBN: B00006I02Y
    3 Magic School Bus science adventures. Learn about dinosaurs, explore our solar system, and journey inside the Earth. More than 30 games, fun clickables, 13 experiments, and more. Travel through time, drive the bus to all 9 planets, and make your own volcanoes.
  • Magic School Bus Discovers Flight
    ISBN: B000059ZYR
    The Magic School Bus Discovers Flight Activity Center lets kids spread their wings and learn about flight, aircraft, and animals that fly. There are art activities, arcade-style games, and science experiments: kids can play games like Blaze Blasters, pilot a hot-air balloon, and earn lots of feathers for their flight cap.
  • Magic School Bus Explores In The Age Of Dinosaurs
    ISBN: B000059ZYN
    (Jewel Case)
    Kids explore 8 different worlds from three time periods in the Mesozoic era all the while encountering everything from a Stegosaurus to T-Rex as they search for the lost dinosaur. There's over 12 games and activities, like Morph-a-saurus, Fossil Finder, and Dino Madness, that are different each time kids play.
  • Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth
    ISBN: B000059ZYQ
    (Jewel Case)
    Kids explore 6 terrains of the earth: a canyon, a deep cavern, an underwater volcano, a land volcano, a giant fault and inside a crystal.
  • Magic School Bus Explores the Human Body
    Microsoft Software
    ISBN: B00002S9GR
    Explore 12 different body parts with the Magic School Bus. Travel in 3 dimensions through the heart, lungs, brain, stomach, and nervous system. 12 engaging games reinforce key science concepts in a fun way.
  • Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean, The
    ISBN: B000059ZYP
    (Jewel Case) Product Description
    Hop aboard the Magic School Bus as it dives into an interactive deep-sea adventure to explore the wonders of the ocean. Kids can tour seven ocean zones, conduct science experiments, and follow clues to find sunken treasure. Drive the bus and voyage into the depths of kelp forests, coral reefs, and much more. Based on characters from the book series and TV show, Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean teaches key science concepts in a fun and age-appropriate way.
  • Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest
    ISBN: B000059ZYO
    (Jewel Case)
    Jump on board the Magic School Bus for another one of Ms. Frizzle'sinteractive field trips--this time to explore the Costa Rican rain forest.You'll explore seven ecological zones in the rain forest as you collectsamples for the class science project. Watch videos, play games, check outmultimedia reports, and hear fun facts about the rain forest.
  • Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System
    ISBN: B000059ZYM
    (Jewel Case)
    The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System features the irrepressible science teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and her inquisitive class in an out-of-this-world adventure. Kids can take control of the bus and explore the nine planets in our solar system, conducting science experiments and playing games at each stop.
  • Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals
    ISBN: B00006H34R
    (Jewel Case)
    What a beastly mix-up--animals from the Wild Animal Park are returned to their wilderness, but they're in the wrong places. Help Ms. Frizzle and her class return them to their natural habitats on a rescue adventure that spans the globe.

    While they enjoy more than 14 games and puzzles, seven experiments, more than 60 photos, eight multimedia reports, and printable awards, kids travel to seven geographic locations, including the Arctic, the African Savanna, and the Himalayan Mountains. A range of tools helps kids figure out science clues and return the animals to their natural habitats. Plus, kids can use the bonoscope to learn about and see the animals' skeletons.
  • Magic School Bus in Concert
    ISBN: B00004THOZ Review
    Birds twitter, didjeridoos moan, and an excited Ms. Frizzle hits the high notes as she explains the science of sound and teaches kids to listen creatively. On the bus, kids can hear what different sounds do in different locations with the Acoust-O-Matic, play Name That Noise with Mikey Microphone, or learn how sound travels in the Wild Waves experiment; there's even an ultrasound and an oscilloscope onboard. Outside there are more activities, and the kids take the concert stage with various instruments they play and explain.

    The program hums, roars, and ooompas right along. Sound is everywhere in this inspired, informative bunch of racket: jets whoosh above in the sky, and thunderclouds grumble. Two ingenious touches are a microphone kids can drag about the set to record sounds (it even produces feedback if you brush the cursor against it) and a pair of click-and-drag goggles that show how different sound waves look when they're laid over an instrument.

    Don't buy this expecting a music theory class--there's not a treble clef to be found unless you count the one on Ms. Frizzle's skirt--but for a child who's all ears, curious about how tape recorders work and why bats squeak, it's sure to hit just the right note. (For ages 6 to 10) --Anne Erickson
  • Magic School Bus Lands on Mars
    Ready to Buy? Sign in to turn on 1-Click ordering. 8 used & new from $10.00 Have one to sell? Don't have one? We'll set one up for you. Magic School Bus Lands on Mars Microsoft
    ISBN: B00004THP0 Review
    Ms. Frizzle missed her calling: she should work for NASA. From engaging games to fascinating facts to stunning photographic images from Mars, this interplanetary adventure doesn't miss a single detail. As the bus adeptly dodges satellites while it screams away from the Sun, it's obvious that this will be anything but a normal field trip with Ms. Frizzle and the gang.

    Once the Magic School Bus settles, kids can play inside or venture onto the surface of Mars. Both areas are cluttered with gizmos that yield either a game, an experiment, or a compelling fact. (Did you know that Mars's moons are named for the Greek words meaning fear and panic? We didn't.) There's a lot to learn here: kids can put objects like watermelons and marshmallows into the Pressure-O-Meter to see what happens to them in the atmosphere, or try to land a module on Mars while coping with fuel loss and Martian gravity. There's even a rover-building station that hones deductive skills as kids decide whether a solar panel or a battery will work best to power their vehicle during the Martian night.

    Attention to detail is what launches Magic School Bus Lands on Mars into the rarefied atmosphere of educational CD-ROMs that entertain as well as they teach; new players can enter how old they are on Earth and learn their Martian age, then later play Mind over Mars, a robot-hosted game show that dishes up tough Mars-related trivia questions and--better yet--elaborates on the answers.

    As Ms. Frizzle zips about Mars's surface in her jetpack, we can't help but wish NASA would recruit the Friz to get all of us excited about space exploration again. The woman has the right stuff. (For ages 6 to 10.) --Anne Erickson
  • Magic School Bus Volcano Adventure
    ISBN: B00005JG02 Review
    Miss Frizzle gleefully leads a pack of kids to the red-hot edge of an active volcano, to burn information into their curious brains about magma, a'a, and Krakatoa. Most parents would gladly let this wonderfully wacky lady take their kids wading in lava, and we heartily endorse the "learning is good" spirit of Magic School Bus, which is abundantly present in this fine field trip.

    However, we feel that the folks who design the Magic School Bus programs would do well to add some new shtick to their repertoire. Structurally, this program is a mirror of other MSB offerings: kids can explore 10 activities inside of the school bus, or leave the bus and go volcano-side to learn factoids from the Magic School Bus Kids and play a few more games. Though these programs always emphasize freeform learning, the folks who design the programs cling to this now tiresome "in the bus," "out of the bus" formula.

    That complaint aside, the activities use real-life volcanoes, 3-D graphics, and multiple photographic and video images of spewing lava and underwater steam vents. Visually, Magic School Bus Volcano Adventure is fantastic.

    Some of the activities inspire experimentation and learning. A "make your own volcano" lab invites kids to combine three amounts of gas with three thicknesses of magma, then renders the recipe's results: a volcano that either explodes or seeps depending on the combination of materials used. "Dare to Compare" features four real-life volcanoes (Mount St. Helens, Krakatoa, Mauna Loa, and Eldfell) and compelling graphics and information about what sets these volcanoes apart. A world map highlights volcanic activity around the globe. A site called "Green Machine" allows kids to plant trees and watch them colonize on the stark gray flanks of a volcano. Then they can cause an eruption, wipe out the burgeoning life, and start all over.

    Kids can play volcano games with three levels: in "Operation Rescue," they use spatial skills to guide hot lava down a slope and away from homes and cars. Speedy mousing and evasive maneuvers come into play in "Rub-a-Dub" as kids maneuver a submarine around steaming vents and lava tubes to collect volcanic rocks. And a game called "Leaping Lava" could cause survivors of Mount St. Helens to have flashbacks. Players must guide the Magic School Bus across multiple mudflows by hopping from log to log and avoiding burning lava patches. During this one, the Magic School Bus theme music plays in a minor key. It's rather creepy.

    Volcano Adventure will please most junior volcanologists. But if your child can already pronounce "pahoehoe" and knows the difference between lava and magma, they'll quickly tire of having only the inside of the bus, or the rim of the volcano, to visit. (Ages 6 to 10) --Anne Erickson
  • Magic School Bus Whales And Dolphins
    ISBN: B000059ZYS Review
    The ever-versatile Magic School Bus shines its high beams into the watery world of whales and dolphins with this lightly educational and moderately entertaining CD-ROM. The format should be familiar to anyone who owns any of the other Magic School Bus programs: players explore inside the bus with Ms. Frizzle's guidance, or go outside the bus, this time into the briny deep, to learn more about whales.

    This program dutifully provides a plethora of whale factoids, but some of the activities lack inspiration. "Cetacean Rotation" is a puzzle game with a fancy name. "Spot That Whale" is a simplistic point-and-click matching game where speed counts more than memory. Rescuing a baby beluga from a maze riddled with fishing nets and hungry orcas is quick work. A drawing station with minimal creative options merely takes up space. Despite three levels of play, older kids are likely to churn through parts of this program like a blue whale churns through krill. Games that engage the brain a bit more include "Whale Scales," where players can compare the weight and length of cetaceans to other objects and critters (one blue whale equals 30,000 house cats) and "Spout Off," a game show with questions that will stump some parents. Other bright spots include gorgeous still photos, and video and audio clips of sea mammal wonders like humpbacks echo-locating and Dahl's porpoises arcing along the bow of the boat--all narrated in Ms. Frizzle's know-it-all trill, of course.

    Graphically, Magic School Bus Whales and Dolphins looks better than some of the other Magic School Bus offerings, and the program ran quickly, with no glitches. But if your 10-year-old wants some cold hard facts about whales for a research paper (like how many pounds, not house cats, a blue whale actually weighs), they may need to dive a little deeper than the Magic School Bus does in this program. (Ages 6 to 10) --Anne Erickson
  • Mind Power Science Grades 7-12
    The Learning Company
    ISBN: B00006OARD
    From photosynthesis to physiology, chemistry to electricity, explore a huge array of science topics. In addition to mastering important facts, you’ll also get familiar with critical scientific skills and methods like developing hypotheses, gathering and analyzing data, examining cause and effect, and comparing actual and expected results.
  • My Horse Farm
    by Viva Media
    ISBN: B0002YIDAS
    Welcome to beautiful Trotterville! Your very own farm is just down the road. Take good care of your horses and build your business as you breed champi ons. Outfit your riders, from head to toe, by choosing from an array of clothes , accessories, and hairstyles! Spend your money wisely, make good decisions, an d train your horses to become world-class champions. If you succeed you will be rich and famous! The Winners Circle awaits.
  • New Way Things Work, The
    Dorling Kindersley
    ISBN: B000042OM6
    In The New Way Things Work, The Great Woolly Mammoth, the inventor's hapless assistant, returns, and this time you can help him improve his inventor's skills in the Mammoth School House. Play the challenging quiz and increase or decrease the mammoth's intelligence, depending on how well you do. The special tracking feature monitors the Mammoth's progress (and yours) throughout. Keep him well fed with knowledge and he'll be the perfect companion for your scientific discoveries.
  • Oscar the Balloonist Discovers the Farm
    Viva Media
    ISBN: B00004T4VQ Review
    Sassy and smart, this charming CD-ROM series combines early-childhood education and humorous storytelling with a distinctly European flavor--something along the lines of Doctor Doolittle meets Monty Python meets Beatrix Potter. Our hero, Oscar, is a small, curious British boy who tours the world in a hot-air balloon that enables him to switch among the four seasons with the click of a mouse. His companion, Carmela, is a treasure chest who often goes missing. In this escapade, Oscar crash-lands his balloon on the thatched hut of a timid animal researcher named Balthasar Pumpernickel, who lives on a farm amid fields of talking pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens. Carmela is there, too, stocked with a dozen delightful animal-theme games to play. Children are free to go straight to the games chest or explore the farmyard--and talk to the animals--in depth, across all four seasons of the year.

    Along with this CD-ROM's elevated level of illustration, there's a fearlessness about content that is uncommon in America these days. The presence of dung on a farm, for example, is clearly acknowledged in the program with a special matching game (whose icon is a toilet bowl) that requires kids to "click and drag each animal to its droppings." As well, adults aren't the all-knowing educational founts here; Professor Balthasar, afraid of the animals, hides all day in his hut. "Outside lurk a thousand dangers!" he sniffs. Parents and kids alike will appreciate the goofy inanity of a farm-facts guessing game that poses such true-or-false questions as "Cows love to eat frogs," and "Sheep sleep on poles." Most powerful of all, however, are the stirring scenes of the animals: from sunny days in the fields to deliciously snowbound days inside the barn. (Ages 4 to 8) --Jean Lenihan
  • Our Physical World: Interactive Adventure Units on CD-ROM
    by Learning Launchers
    ISBN: 189140072X
    Here are the many adventures that await you: Exploring Weather, Understanding Earthquakes, The Solar System, The Aurora Borealis, Water, Our Source of Life, Earth Day, Every Day, 2002 Year of the Mountain, Understanding Wind Balloons, Zeppelins & Dirigibles, Understanding Volcanoes, Learn About Snow, The Moon and Tidal Forces, Rivers of the World, Energy Works!, Ozone and Your Environment, Rocks and Minerals
  • Physicus
    Tivola Publishing
    ISBN: B000056CMV
    A collision with a meteorite has stopped Earth from rotating on its axis! Now half of the planet is turning to a ball of ice while the side facing the sun gets hotter... and hotter. If the planet is to survive, you must generate enough electricity to power a giant impulse machine, the only device that can get the planet rotating again. The only problem is with the impulse machine's electrical generators--not only are they scattered throughout the world, none of them is working correctly. Physicus is a first-person role-playing game in the style of Myst , designed for players aged 10 and older. Players click through a nearly endless series of gorgeously rendered scenes, scanning any stray objects they find and using them to repair and activate the electrical generators. The key difference between this and similar games, though, is that all the puzzles in Physicus are based on solid scientific principle.

    Fortunately, you do not have to be a wizard in optics, Newton's principles of motion, or any other aspect of the physical sciences to play this game. The expert is provided for you, in the form of a virtual laptop, which can guide you through your world-spanning task. Within the laptop, the fundamental concepts of physical science are laid out in a clear and entertaining format, complete with diagrams and animated illustrations. This banquet of information is broken into bite-sized morsels for younger players, and is available for access at any point in the game. What's more, the game is very well cross-indexed, with links to the correct sections of the laptop appearing whenever a puzzle presents itself.

    Physicus is one of the rare educational games that genuinely have it all: great story, super graphics, and truly interesting puzzles. Visually, it melds a lush Victorian retrotech sensibility with hardcore educational content. The first-person interface gives the players the opportunity to fully imagine themselves in this complex adventure. Engaging enough to hold the attention of adults as well as younger players, it makes an excellent shared project for a parent-and-child team. --Alyx Dellamonica
  • Playhouse Disney's Stanley: Wild for Sharks!
    Disney Interactive
    ISBN: B00006IKBW
    Playhouse Disney's Stanley: Wild for Sharks! takes kids ages 3 to 6 on a fascinating, fun-filled sea journey with Stanley. Kids adventure underwater with Stanley to learn loads of amazing shark facts, while developing their own environmental awareness for these amazing sea creatures.
  • Starry Night Beginner
    Space Holdings
    ISBN: B000059WJ1
    Created specially for the first time stargazer, Starry Night Beginner lets you quickly identify stars, planets, and constellations with a simple point-and-click interface. Learn about the movements of the planets, watch the phases of the moon, or see what the stars looked like on the day you were born.
  • Starry Night Pro 4.x
    Space Holdings
    ISBN: B000070MR3 Review
    Starry Night Pro 4.x is a CD-ROM package designed for use at home by budding astronomers and devoted amateurs. It is a wonderful tool for fun and learning, and is for use by those who are already furnished with reasonable astronomical knowledge. The package includes all the latest developments in stellar knowledge and comes with a companion book for further reading.

    As well as some excellent video footage of astronomical phenomena, there are fascinating interviews with scientists from prestigious institutions, such as NASA, which provide the latest understanding of new developments--meteorites, new comets, orbital dynamics. The package also comes with the usual feature of directing the program to what you can see from your own home.

    A step forward from the other packages in the Starry Night series, this package includes a wider scope--you can view star fields up to a distance of a staggering 700 million light-years--and also the coordinates and data ascribed to more than 16 million stars. Add to this the usual excellent quality of the graphics and the visual effects, and those who have used the less advanced packages in this series need not hesitate to rush out to buy this one--but then, having used those excellent programs, they will probably be rushing out to buy it anyway. --Toby Green
  • Webster's Millennium Discovering Dinosaurs
    Multimedia 2000
    ISBN: B00009WOAG
    Travel across prehistoric plains, ancient forests, and erupting volcanoes in this easy-to-use reference collection about the mysterious and amazing realm of the dinosaur. Your four CD-set includes: (i.) PRIMEVAL GIANTS, marvel at the structure and anatomy of the dinosaur body and the adaptations that made them the supreme animals of a forgotten time; (ii.) 3D DINO WORLDS, to discover the unique environments that made their size and extraordinary life possible; (iii.) WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, based on the Discovery Channel hit series, this CD-Rom brings to life the exciting age when the ground quaked constantly as these giant reptiles roamed the earth; (iv.), and DINOSAURS 3D. Webster's Millennium provides versatile and trusted family friendly content that delivers.
  • Webster's Millennium Discovering Our Universe
    Multimedia 2000
    ISBN: B00009WOAJ
    Zoom around the rings of Saturn, land on the Moon, and witness the experience of zero gravity with this exciting, easy-to-use reference collection. Your four CD-set includes: (i.) JOURNEY TO THE PLANETS, part away the cosmic mists and study the great secrets of the universe; (ii.) INTERACTIVE COSMOS, peer into black holes, watch as galaxies evolve and star's die with detailed interactive information; (iii.) COSMOS 3D, hitch an interactive ride on an interplanetary mission, bringing you closer to the planets and the mysteries contained within them, and (iv.) OUR EARTH, where the vantage point all begins. Experience the changes that took place on the Earth's surface over million's of years to observe how mountains, oceans, river's, lakes, and vegetation developed. Webster's Millennium provides versatile and trusted family friendly content that delivers.
  • Webster's Millennium Discovering the Human Body
    Multimedia 2000
    ISBN: B00009WOAI
    Travel to the heart of the body's extraordinary structural system with this exciting, easy-to-use reference collection. Your four CD-set includes: (i.) DISCOVERING OUR BODY brings you detailed illustrations, brilliant 3D animations, and thousands of pages of text; (ii.) INTERACTIVE HUMAN BODY, a wonderful experience geared for all ages with a thirst for knowledge. A reference work and learning aid all in one; (iii.) DISCOVERING HUMAN BODY 3D, where information on each of the the seven biological systems can be accessed. Features 1,000 pages of text, 800 detailed illustrations, and a multitude of animations with voice over, and (iv.) THE AMA FAMILY MEDICAL GUIDE, with easy to understand explanations of more than 650 diseases and disorders, practical advice regarding preventative health care, and discussions of timely health issues. Webster's Millennium provides versatile and trusted family friendly content that delivers.
  • Webster's Millennium Discovering the World of Animals
    Multimedia 2000
    ISBN: B00009WOAH
    Hike into rainforests, climb snowcapped mountains, and dive into undersea caverns with this exciting, easy-to-use reference collection filled with fascinating information about the world of animals. Your four CD-set includes: (i.) ANIMALS 3D; Explore the animal kingdom through 3D animations and anatomical illustrations. (ii.) WEBSTER'S MAMMALS; magnificent illustrations, intuitive browser functions, and thousands of pages of text will keep you entertained and informed on the furry denizens inhabiting our continent's. (iii.) BIRD'S, INSECT'S, & SPIDER'S and (iv.) FISH, REPTILE'S, & AMPHIBIANS. Webster's Millennium provides versatile and trusted family friendly content that delivers.
  • What is Science?
    Fogware Publishing
    ISBN: B000059R9Y
    (Jewel Case)
    This disc introduces you to the great men and women of science and the fundamentals of the scientific method: hypotheses, experimentation, and data analysis. You will also discover how math, especially statistics, is important in understanding experimental results. The disc also explores how the knowledge gained by science can create better ways of maintaining and improving life on earth. Includes 26 minutes of multimedia material, 13 minutes of video, 328 images, and 100 interactive questions and answers.
  • World of Animals 3 CD-ROM Set, A
    Topics Entertainment
    ISBN: B00005RJB5
    (Jewel Case) Product Description
    Observe the fascinating world of animals through three CD-ROMs packed with more than 880 photos, video clips, extensive information, and advanced search tools for easy reference. A World of Animals, Express Edition will teach you what you need to know about animals, including whales, dolphins, bears, pandas, and African wildlife such as lions, elephants, zebras, leopards, and flamingos.

    Follow the lives of the ocean's most admired and often evasive creatures with Whales & Dolphins of the World. See whales and dolphins beautifully filmed in their natural habitats, and learn about their remarkable capacity to communicate with each other. In Bears & Pandas of the World, view more than 300 photographs and more than 20 minutes of video on the lives of pandas and bears, including how they evolved, how they live, how they behave, and what awaits them in the future.

    Explore African wildlife without leaving the comforts of your own home with Webster's Animals of Africa. Featuring animal sounds, video clips, and 183 full-screen photographs, this amazing software also provides a detailed tutorial, and allows you to add notes, bookmark pages, edit images, and create your own research projects.
  • World of Dinosaurs 3 CD-ROM Set, A
    Topics Entertainment
    ISBN: B00005RJFK
    (Jewel Case) Product Description
    A World of Dinosaurs combines a fun kids game, an educational CD-ROM about dinosaurs, and a hands-on arts and science software program into one three-CD-ROM package. I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder is an educational and interactive multimedia game with exciting features and activities to keep every child learning and having fun. Multimedia Dinosaurs contains a vast amount of information on dinosaurs, and is an excellent resource for school projects and papers. Jurassic Art is a drawing program that also contains hundreds of clip-art images, and various drawing and editing tools.
  • Zoboomafoo Creature Quest
    The Learning Company
    ISBN: B000063LGO
    There's a treasure hunt in Animal Junction. Hit the trail with Zoboomafoo, the incredible leaping lemur, and leave no stone unturned. In this zany adventure children will play unique animal activities, and be rewarded pieces to a magical puzzle. On their journey children will discover a myriad of animals through fun learning games, animal videos, and printable activities. Solve the clues and the magical puzzle will reveal a map that will lead the way to the hidden treasure.
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