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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Software Tutorials

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

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Software Tutorials List

  • Adobe InDesign 2.0 Classroom in a Book
    by Adobe Creative Team
    ISBN: 0201787202
    If you're looking for thorough, at-home training in any Adobe application, the Classroom in a Book series is a good choice. Slow, deliberate pacing is a hallmark of these well-written books. Readers work through a wide variety of projects using professional-quality graphics and fonts (supplied on a companion CD-ROM). Rather than the personal "avoid-the-mistakes-I-made" quality of many how-tos, the series employs a more serious tone befitting books that are recognized as part of the official Adobe certification training.

    Readers begin with a Quick Tour tutorial that briefly covers all of the basics--working with tools and palettes, placing graphics and text. It's a great first dip in the water for those coming from QuarkXPress. From there, the lessons focus in more depth on specific areas: the work environment, setting up a new document with master pages, working with colors and gradients, importing and linking graphics, drawing with vectors, adjusting typography and editing text, creating tables, working with XML, exporting to PDF, color management, and much more. The lessons work best when followed sequentially; each includes many smaller tips that become helpful in later lessons. Sidebars feature handy information from the user's guide. (Although a trial version of the application does not come on the CD-ROM, it's available for download at

    It's the Photoshop- and Illustrator-type features within InDesign that make it so much more fun to use than rival Quark. This book shows you how to do cool things with transparencies, blending modes, feathered edges, and drop shadows, a lot of which is new to version 2.0. There are also exercises that cover less wow-inducing (but just as time-saving) tools for creating indexes and making tables.

    Frequent illustrations and screen shots help readers monitor their progress. Chapter summaries and review questions let beginners test their confidence in the material before moving on, and allow experienced users to skip material they already know.

    The book has a few minor errors, a couple of which might just be platform related. Despite these, Adobe InDesign 2.0 Classroom in a Book is the best way to learn a powerful application that makes print design a breeze. --Angelynn Grant
  • Adobe Indesign Cs Classroom in a Book
    by Adobe Creative Team
    ISBN: 0321193776
    With its ever tightening integration with Adobe's full suite of creative products and its own increasingly sophisticated feature set, InDesign is winning legions of Quark converts. If you're among them--or if you've decided to sidestep those programs altogether--you need this book! In these pages, the Adobe Creative Team uses a series of project-based lessons, tested in the company's own classrooms and labs, to provide a thorough grounding in the InDesign school of page design. You'll find step-by-step lessons in InDesign CS fundamentals plus plenty of the advanced tips and techniques you need to take your page designs to the next level. The workbook-style format includes self-paced lessons followed by review questions to reinforce the knowledge and a CD with all of the files required to complete the book's projects. Throughout, special focus is given to the features new to InDesign CS: an updated Story Editor, nested styles, separation previews, the Package for GoLive command, and more.
  • Flash Animation for Teens
    by Eric D. Grebler
    ISBN: 1598632302
    Welcome to your no-experience-required, introductory guide to creating animations with Macromedia Flash! Flash Animation for Teens will help you develop the fundamental Flash skills that you need to confidently create your own animations. Covering the basics of Flash animation, this book uses Flash 8 to teach you the techniques you need to create a variety of animation styles, including games, web sites, stand-alone applications, and cartoons. Ideal for readers with little to no Flash experience, this project-based guide will help you conquer the basics and begin creating your own animations.
  • Professor Teaches How to Create Web Pages 2.0
    Individual Software
    ISBN: B00005RQRI
    Professor Teaches How to Create Web Pages is a complete multimedia training program for anyone who wants to create his or her own Web page and Web site. Five separate tutorials on five CD-ROMs teach you Web design, HTML, and how to use two of the most popular development tools, FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Each program offers hundreds of practical tips and techniques designed to get you up to speed on the essential skills for creating Web pages. Step-by-step how-to instructions make learning easy. Learn the fundamentals of HTML, such as rules of syntax, using colors, creating hyperlinks, and finding and creating graphics. Then move on to advanced HTML subjects such as creating a login form and an image map, adding fields or audio, and embedding Flash animations. And when you're ready, move on to learning basic and advanced features of FrontPage 2000 and Dreamweaver 3.0. Each CD-ROM contains more than 45 topics.
  • Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus
    Individual Software
    ISBN: B00005NUET
    If nothing else, Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus is about flexibility. The nine CDs included in this package operate independently of one another, offering the user a learning environment that is customizable based on topic--and how much they want to learn--and on the learner's level of understanding. We were impressed immediately with the ease of use and simplicity of design: the program offers a quick overview to the Professor Teaches environment, and the interface is intuitive and inviting. And from disc to disc the format is consistent: you may jump in at any point between "What is Excel?" to more advanced techniques. Each application disc begins with a menu of around a dozen topics of increasing complexity. Each topic's lesson designates an approximate time for completing the lesson, as well the number of pages the lesson is comprised of. Like many other tutorial packages out there, Professor Teaches offers information in bite-size pieces, highlighting how to accomplish tasks in the particular application. But this package goes above and beyond the more common textbook approach of many software-based tutorials by offering interactive screen shots of Word, Excel, and the other represented applications. The package systematically walks the user through tasks by showing and doing, not just telling. One point that could be a pro or a con lies in the package's approach to the Office XP environment in comparison with earlier editions of Office and Windows. There is very little in the way of "What's new in XP?" This could very well benefit the new Office user who doesn't have previous exposure; however, as more experienced Office users looking to learn a few tips on the newer version, we found this aspect to be pretty frustrating. Additionally, advanced users should not expect to learn expert techniques or new ways of using these packages; the material stops far short of delving into any complexities. Other features of the package will round out your learning. A comprehensive glossary offers critical word and phrase definitions, while an extensive index allows you to search for and retrieve very specific information. Glossary terms are also available throughout each lesson in the form of highlighted words; clicking on these results in a pop-up definition. And finally, the bookmark feature allows you to tag certain pages for later recall. The only areas where we thought the Professor Teaches package fell short or could be improved were in the inability to customize the learning environment (such as enlarging fonts) and in the complete lack of reference to keyboard shortcuts and the usefulness of the Tab key. Aside from these minor concerns, this package is most definitely appropriate for those wanting to make a foray into this latest version of Windows and Office. --Emilie Herbst
  • Professor Teaches Windows XP
    Individual Software
    ISBN: B00005Q5XG Product Description
    Professor Teaches Windows XP is a comprehensive multimedia training program for learning Microsoft Windows XP fast and easy. Eight chapters teach users beginning to advanced features. Learn the new interface, digital media, and networking features. Hundreds of practical exercises help build essential skills. Learn by actually doing things. The lessons are interactive and each chapter provides a quiz section to help reinforce retention. Graphics, voice, and instructions make topics easy to comprehend. Develop knowledge using abuilding-block approach. "Try it" interactions allow users to experience Windows XP. An index and glossary offer quick access to topics and definitions. Professor Teaches Internet Explorer 6.0 is also included. This program covers Windows XP Home Edition and advanced features of Windows XP Professional. Get an overview of the Internet to help understand necessary terms and concepts. Learn how to locate specific information on the Internet quickly and easily. It contains eight chapters covering Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • QuickBooks All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies
    by Stephen L. Nelson
    ISBN: 0764519638
    If you run a small business, you’ve already met the accounting monster. With QuickBooks and this all-in-one reference guide, you’ll soon have him eating out of your hand. Eight self-contained minibooks make it easy to find just what you need, from accounting plans and principles to capital budgeting, protecting your financial records, creating a business plan, and more.
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