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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Christian Children's Books

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Character Development

Christian Children's Books List

  • Elsie Dinsmore Boxed Set
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749542
    Books 1-4
  • Elsie's Endless Wait
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749011
    Book 1: Two decades before the Civil War, an eight-year-old Southern heiress longs for the love of the father she has never known -- but when they meet at last, nothing is as Elsie expects. Can the proud and willful Horace Dinsmore learn to love his only child -- a little girl whose first allegiance is to God?
  • Elsie's Great Hope
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749089
    Book 8: Just as the scars of war and its consequences seem healed, Elsie must endure her deepest personal tragedies yet. As she walks through the valley of the shadow of death, her faith is put to its hardest test. Will her love of God see her through?
  • Elsie's Impossible Choice
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 192874902X
    Book 2: Happiness seems illusive when nine-year-old Elsie Dinsmore faces danger at the hands of a jealous family member--and worse, the loss of her father's affection. Will she have the courage to choose between her beloved Papa and a life that promises only loneliness and grief?
  • Elsie's New Life
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749038
    Book 3: As Elsie grows up, her life is full of change. Old friendships and acquaintances are renewed. New relationships promise new dilemmas. And an unexpected proposal is made. To whom will Elsie turn when her adolescent heart is put to its first test of love?
  • Elsie's Stolen Heart
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749046
    Book 4: Elsie spends her 17th Summer with her delightfully scatter-brained aunt in Ohio. But even in this idyllic small town where life seems charmed, there is a wolf at the door--and his target is Elsie. Will she discover the truth before she makes a life-destroying decision?
  • Elsie's Tender Mercies
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749070
    Book 7: The Civil War has come to an end, but Elsie's troubles are not over. As she and her family face the aftermath of war, pure hearts and kind gestures are often misunderstood. Hidden dangers lurk everywhere. Will Elsie triumph once more?
  • Elsie's Troubled Times
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749062
    Book 6: Elsie's peaceful life is altered by forces she cannot control. Her beloved South is engaged in a terrible war, and her family is torn by divided loyalties. The girl who once had everything, must face changes that threaten everyone she loves. Can she meet the challenges of a world turned upside down?
  • Elsie's True Love
    by Martha Finley
    ISBN: 1928749054
    Book 5
    As the saga of Elsie Dinsmore continues, Elsie is now twenty-one. Love and marriage are very much on her mind as she struggles with disillusionment from the past and the doubts that still trouble her heart. Old friends may hold the answers, but will she recognize true love when it is offered?
  • It's a Jungle Out There
    by Ron Snell
    ISBN: 0929292839
    (The Rani Adventures; Bk. 1)
    Why would someone willingly forego television, amusement parks, shopping malls, and other staples of an American childhood? For Ron Snell, whose parents are missionaries, life in the U.S.A. seems like a concentration camp compared to growing up among the Machiguenga Indians in the jungles of Peru. There, Ron, or "Rani" as the Indians call him, and his siblings learn to tie a house together, eat monkeys and macaws, and make dug-out canoes. "Life was one great adventure after another," the author declares. "After all, what could be more fun than perching in thorn trees at night to escape stampeding pigs?"

    In It's a Jungle Out There!, book one in a three-book series of "Rani Adventures," Ron's life and fun times begin in this fast-paced, riotous romp through the Amazon jungle. The Machis become his first babysitters and friends who laugh at his log rides down rampaging rivers and catch exotic pets for him as he grows up truly "in the middle of nowhere," as he describes it. Some adventures include early Christmas parties with games of "pin the tail on the tapir" and the story of Matso, Rani's pet ocelot who is shipped off to a zoo after he makes feasts of neighbors' pets. A death-defying ride through the Andes in an antiquated Chevy teaches the family about God's unfailing provision in the midst of circumstances that would confound many.
  • Jungle Calls
    by Ron Snell
    ISBN: 0929292863
    (The Rani Adventures; Bk. 3)
    Packed with more exhilarating episodes of high-pitched drama, Jungle Calls, book three in a three-book series of "Rani Adventures," picks up with Ron's first summer home from college as he transitions from the concrete jungles of Chicago to the Amazon jungle dear to his heart. Heart-stopping scrapes continue as Ron makes his first contact with the ferocious Matses Indians, attempts to raft through the Boqueron, and survives a house burglary thanks to the antics of an idiot Chihuahua. Through it all continues a thought-provoking look at the jungle, as the Snell family perseveres in translating Scripture so that the Machiguengas might know the Savior.
  • Life Is a Jungle
    by Ron Snell
    ISBN: 0929292855
    The Rani Adventures; Bk. 2)
    A continuing look at the escapades of the rollicking Snells, who love adventure, love God, and love the Machiguenga Indians. Ron's high-school years unfold like a television series as he hikes into the middle of the Amazon jungle to build an airstrip and nearly starves to death, greets the president of Peru as he visits Ron's school, spoon-feeds water to feverish Machiguengas, and helps bury the ones who died.

    In Life Is a Jungle, book two in a three-book series of "Rani Adventures," Ron describes science classes in which a 16-foot anaconda slithers around without fanfare and tells of cheap thrills careening through the streets of Lima in taxis in the dead of night. The book concludes as "Rani" leaves for college and a life in America that he regards with suspicion yet with confidence of God's leading.
  • Little Pilgrim's Progress
    by Helen L. Taylor
    ISBN: 0802449247
    Fifty-five years ago, Helen L. Taylor took John Bunyanís Pilgrimís Progress and simplified the vocabulary and concepts for young readers, while keeping the storyline intact. The result was a classic in itself, which has now sold over 600,000 copies. Itís both a simple adventure story and a profound allegory of the Christian journey through life, a delightful read with a message kids ages 6 to 12 can understand and remember. A new look and fresh illustrations for todayís children enlivens the journey to the Celestial City.
  • My Book of Thanks
    by B. G. Hennessy, Hiroe Nakata (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0763628646
    What does it mean to be grateful and kind? Here is a picture book that offers a definition using the best teacher of all: example. With clear, direct language and sunny, exultant illustrations, My Book of Thanks is a universal prayer that shows even the youngest of children they have much to be thankful for - and much to share.
  • My Heart - Christ's Home Retold for Children
    by Robert Boyd Munger, Carolyn Nystrom, Jerry Tiritilli (Illustrator), Jerry Tiritille (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 083081907X
  • Three Cousins Detective Club Volumes 13-18
    by Elspeth Campbell Murph
    ISBN: 076428195X
    The Mystery of the Birthday Party, The Mystery of the Lost Island, The Mystery of the Traveling Button, The Mystery of the Goldfish Pond, The Mystery of the Zoo Camp, and The Mystery of the Gingerbread House
  • Three Cousins Detective Club Volumes 1-6
    by Elspeth Campbell Murphy
    ISBN: 0764281585
    Six mysteries based on the Fruit of the Spirit. Three Cousins Detective Club The Mystery of the White Elephant, The Mystery of the Silent Nightingale, The Mystery of the Wrong Dog, The Mystery of the Dancing Angels, The Mystery of the Hobo's Message, and The Mystery of the Magi's Treasure
  • Three Cousins Detective Club Volumes 19-24
    by Elspeth Campbell Murphy
    ISBN: 0764284630
    The Mystery of the Wedding Cake, The Mystery of the Sand Castle, The Mystery of the Sock Monkeys, The Mystery of the African Gray, The Mystery of the Butterfly Garden, The Mystery of the Book Fair
  • Three Cousins Detective Club Volumes 25-30
    by Elspeth Campbell Murphy
    ISBN: 0764287044
    The Mystery of the Coon Cat, The Mystery of the Runaway Scarecrow, The Mystery of the Attic Lion, The Mystery of the Backyard Bundle, The Mystery of the Painted Snake, and The Mystery of the Golden Reindeer
  • Three Cousins Detective Club Volumes 7-12
    by Elspeth Campbell Murphy
    ISBN: 0764281593
    Six mysteries based on the Fruit of the Spirit.
    Three Cousins Detective Club
    The Mystery of the Haunted Lighthouse, The Mystery of the Dolphin Detective, The Mystery of the Eagle Feather, The Mystery of the Silly Goose, The Mystery of the Copycat Clown and The Mystery of the Honeybees' Secret
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