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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Character Development Curriculum

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Character Development

Character Development Curriculum List

  • American Manners Vol 3 - Time for Manners
    Time for Manners
    ISBN: B000SAD8QU
    The Pledge of Allegiance, Respect for the Flag and History, Patriotic Events, plus School Bus Manners.
  • Beautiful Girlhood
    by Karen Andreola
    ISBN: 1883934028
    Those years of transition from childhood to womanhood are filled with wonderful interest and promise. But the young feet that travel this way may be unsteady and unsure. Each could use guidance, a helping hand along the way. To encourage our girls to a nobler life and truer ideals is the task of this book.

    There is a word of yesteryear seldom heard today. Reading Beautiful Girlhood brings back the charm and sentiment associated with it. The word is "lady-like."

    Beautiful and noble possibilities are present in every girl for becoming a godly woman, for becoming lady-like. Encouragement and counsel await mother and daughter who will read these pages together.

    Each chapter makes it easy to discuss any awkward topic as well as the inspiring ones. Some chapter headings are: Character Building; The Strength of Obedience; A Sunny Disposition; The Beauty of Truthfulness; Ideals; A Conversation on Dress; Making Friends of Books.
  • Bombus Creativity Book, A
    by Elsie Larson, Elizabeth Haidle (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0890512418
    Created specifically for the popular Bombus series, this supplemental activity book aims to help children become independent thinkers and create from their own imaginations. Filled with puzzles, scrambled words, dot-to-dot pictures, patterns for mobiles, cartoons, and much more, the Bombus Activity Book seeks to teach children moral values. Four brief, new Bombus adventures are included in the activity book, allowing children to finish each story and help Bombus “choose” the correct outcome from his actions in helping friends. For teachers and parents to use for groups of children, or individually, the Bombus Activity Book is a fun way to help young ones respect God's design in the world, and his commandments to love others.
  • Character Links
    by Margaret Prien, Beverly Cory (Editor), Kaja Re Bane (Illustrator), Kevin English (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0967309506
    Thirty-five stories told by seven playful kittens introducing character building qualities (i.e. honesty, respect and integrity.) Each story is followed by questions and activities to reinforce the lesson.
  • Character Links - Audio CD
    Margaret Prien
    ISBN: B00005AAJO
    Broadway, here we come! Fifteen professionally written and performed songs will enchant your child while reinforcing such character development principles as: honesty, appreciation, working together, empathy, curiosity, choosing your own thoughts, respect, responsibility and listening. The CD's illustrated booklet includes the words to each song.
  • Child's Book of Character Building, A: Growing Up in God's World-At Home, at School, at Play
    by Ron Coriell, Rebekah Coriell (Contributor)
    ISBN: 0800754948
    Using an imaginative blend of simple explanation and interesting storytelling, volume one teaches children ages 3-7 about Christian character building.
  • Child's Book of Character Building, A: Growing Up in God's World-At Home, at School, at Play Book 2
    by Ron Coriell, Rebekah Coriell (Contributor)
    ISBN: 0800754956
    Using an imaginative blend of simple explanation and interesting storytelling, volume two teaches children ages 3-7 about Christian character building.
  • Christian Charm Course
    by Emily Hunter
    ISBN: 0890815089
    Practical instruction in charm techniques for teen girls to influence their lives for Christ. Personal workbook contains charts, quizzes, “spiritual inventories,” and more than 150 illustrations depicting charm techniques and spiritual truths.
  • Christian Charm Course: Teacher Manual
    by Emily Hunter
    ISBN: 0890815097
    Step–by–step directions for class instruction, charm demonstrations, activities, and correlated spiritual emphasis.
  • Christian Girl's Guide to Being Your Best, The
    by Katrina Cassel
    ISBN: 158411035X
    You’ve heard it a million times: do your best. That’s great for a math test or a band concert, but what about the rest of your life? God wants you to do your best and be your best. How? Lots of ways! In The Christian Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best, you will see what it means to be the best Christian girl you can be. Stories about real and fictional girls, devotionals, Scripture, journaling, quizzes, crafts and other activities will show you how to live out God’s special plan for your life. Includes a free key chain!
  • Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood, The
    by Shelley Noonan, Kim K. Zach
    ISBN: 0970027303
    This book provides a study guide to the classic title Beautiful Girlhood. The companion guide expands upon the themes of character development, manners, and virtures by providing: Inspiring quotations for discussion and journalling, 32 character training lessons, Bible study, activities and application. The Companion Gudie to Beautiful Girlhood is designed to enhance a deeply cherished relationship between Mothers and Daughters.
  • Developing Godly Character in Children
    by Beverly Caruso; Ken Marks; Debbie Peterson
    ISBN: 096290385X
    A Handbook & Resource Guide Sixth Edition Revised and Enriched Unit Studies designed to be used in whole or in part, in the order of your choice. Covers ninety-five character qualities under nine major headings, taking no doctrinal position. Each unit includes: Key Verses; Definitions; Hymn & Choruses; Scripture for Meditation; Sub-Qualities; Recommended Projects to bring home the principles in practical ways; Bible Facts; and a Resource Section for other books, videos, albums and games available from Christian suppliers. Offers valuable suggestions to help identify areas of need in individual children, for setting goals for each child, and for charting progress. A reproducible Lesson Plan Form simplifies planning. Soft-cover, 8½ x 11"; washable cover.
  • Growing Little Women: Capturing Teachable Moments With Your Daughter
    by Donna J. Miller, Linda Holland (Contributor)
    ISBN: 0802421857
    In a time where modesty is of little value and many kids have had at least one sexual encounter before graduating high school, children are growing up faster than ever. They experience pressures that, in days past, we’re not faced until adulthood. They encounter situations that many adults will never meet.

    So how do we teach our girls to follow God when life around them at school, in magazines, and on TV teaches them to follow nothing but their passions and desires? How to we share with them that Jesus is the answer to their every question and the fulfillment of their heart’s desires? In this hopeful and insightful workbook, Donna Miller shows us how.

    Growing Little Women will provide you and your special girl with teachable moments from the Word of God. Filled with engaging stories, fun activities, and lessons on life, you will prepare her to become a godly woman and establish a bond with her that will smooth her passage to womanhood. In just one hour a week you can impact the future of that special young lady and nurture a friendship that will last forever. Time is ticking. Don’t let it get away.
  • Makin' Me Smile
    Karacter Kidz
    ISBN: B00009NRO9
    Finally...something positive for kids to listen to! These new Karacter Kidz tunes will have your kids singing all day long. Each song reinforces a character trait in a fun and exciting way that is sure to keep them movin'! With state-of-the-art production and a variety fo music styles, everyone in the family is sure to enjoy these projects. Karacter Kidz music is more than just great music for today--it builds character for tomorrow!
  • Manners Made Easy: A Workbook for Student, Parent, and Teacher
    by June Hines Moore, Jim Osborn (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0805437703
    This workbook/teacher's guide will enable parents and teachers to effectively teach the timeless principles of good manners. Students will gain self-confidence and better interpersonal skills, as well as respect and consideration for others. Some topics included are: proper introductions, telephone manners, table manners, writing thank-you notes, and more. A Scripture-based learning activity is incorporated at the end of each chapter, so students understand the deeper reasons behind learning and practicing good manners. All student pages are easily reproducible, and the answers are included in the teacher's lesson pages.
  • Our 24 Family Ways: Family Devotional Guide
    by Clay Clarkson
    ISBN: 1888692073
    his parent-friendly, Bible-centered family time resource seamlessly weaves together devotional interaction with discipleship instruction for the whole family. All you do is open the book and add the Bible. The Family Devotional Guide provides 120 fully-scripted, but very flexible, family devotional outlines that need no advance preparation, and require only 10-15 minutes to complete. Everyone learns together the 24 family "ways," which are easy-to-remember expressions of biblical values in six areas of family life: authorities, relationships, possessions, work, attitudes and choices. Each of the 4-page sections for each way also includes a brief commentary about the meaning of the way, a concise character quality definition, a weekly memory verse (NIV, NASB or NKJV), a "Story Starter" for the illustration, and a place for notes. The companion Kids Color-In Book is the perfect complement for younger family members with color-in line-art versions of all 24 illustrations and their accompanying ways, plus one more for Proverbs 22:6. Parents, Sunday School teachers, and Christian schools will all love using this character-building Bible resource.
  • Our 24 Family Ways: Family Kids Color in Book
    by Clay Clarkson
    ISBN: 1888692103
    The Our 24 Family Ways Kids Color-In Book is an ideal character-training resource for younger family members. Includes color-in line-art versions of 24 child-friendly illustrations and their accompanying ways, plus one more for Proverbs 22:6. Made to be used with the Our 24 Family Ways Family Devotional Guide , a parent-friendly, Bible-centered family time resource that seamlessly weaves together devotional interaction with discipleship instruction for the whole family with 120 family devotional outlines that need no advance preparation, and require only 10-15 minutes to complete. Everyone learns together the 24 family "ways," which are easy-to-remember expressions of biblical values in six areas of family life: authorities, relationships, possessions, work, attitudes and choices. Each way also includes a weekly memory verse (NIV and NASB), a related character quality definition, family time ideas, a place for notes, and more. Parents, Sunday School teachers, and Christian schools will all love using this character-building Bible resource.
  • Secrets of the World-Changers: How to Achieve Lasting Influence as a Leader
    by Jeffrey L. Myers
    ISBN: 0965053814
  • Teaching Children Responsibility: Children and Jobs
    by Linda Dastrup
    ISBN: 0962189804
    15 pages of work charts, job cards, system cards, checklists, incentives and rewards, ideas for organizing bedrooms and more! Teaches good work habits for children of all ages.
  • Time For Manners Vol 1
    Time for Manners
    ISBN: B000SAD8QA
    All the Basics: Please and “Thank You,” “Excuse Me,” plus Inside and Outside Voices, Polite Greetings.
  • Time for Manners vol. 2
    Time for Manners
    ISBN: B000SAD8QK
    Table Manners, Setting the Table, Family Conversation at Mealtime, Good Behavior at the Table.
  • Winsome Womanhood: Daybreak
    by Shelley Noonan
    ISBN: 0970027338
    This revised and expanded classic was designed to give mothers and daughters,ages 15 and up, a tool to use in the mentoring process. Seven weeks of Bible Study, Projects, Journalling and Discussion Questions on issues that pertain to the young woman in the daybreak of their lives.
  • Winsome Womanhood: Daybreak, Journal Edition
    by Shelley Noonan (Editor)
    ISBN: 0970027346
    This is much more than a book, it is an experience! Winsome Womanhood~Daybreak has been revised to an even more useful journal edition! Mothers and Daughters are invited to take a seven week journey to a closer relationship. Each of the seven chapters includes
    • Revised Text: Gently revised from the original 1900 edition of Winsome Womanhood by M.E.Sangester.
    • Mother to Mother: Goals for each chapter are explained and encouragement is shared by author.
    • Mother/Daughter Journal: Create a precious record of the heart by writing in the journal provided at the end of each chapter.
    • Bible Study: Discover seven important spiritual disciplines that will draw you both into a deeper and more consistent walk with the Lord.
    • Projects: Together enjoy enrichment activities that put the chapter ideas into action.
    • Resources: Delve deeper into topics covered in each chapter with suggested reading and reproducible forms to enrich the Winsome Womanhood experience.
    Suitable for family or small group study!
  • You Can Raise a Well-Mannered Child
    by June Hines Moore
    ISBN: 0805460764
    This book is for every parent or grandparent who wants well-behaved children, but doesn't want to be the manners police. Written by a nationally recognized manners expert, it offers contemporary rules of correct behavior, plus detailed instructions on how to teach them effectively. Good manners improve children's self-confidence, enhance their competitive edge in the workplace, and make their parents proud.
    -- Not just a list of manners, but how to teach them
    -- Not just rules, but reasons for the rules
    -- Biblical foundations for manners
    -- Four personality styles, and how to teach children with each of them
    -- Table manners, personal introductions, correspondence and more
  • Young Peacemaker Set with Book, The
    by Corlette Sande, Ross Flint & Associates (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0966378695
    To be peacemakers we need the redemptive work of God's Spirit and wisdom in dealing with people and difficult situations. We can teach our children the necessary skills to resolve conflict, and at the same time show them that God’s high standard for peacemaking demonstrates their need for Christ. Each Young Peace Maker student workbook corresponds to one of twelve key principles and covers the theme of the lesson with a story done in comic book style. By the time you have taught all the lessons children have gained wonderful biblical insight into resolving conflict. What an opportunity for you and your children!
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