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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Preschool Curriculum

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum List

  • A to Z Early Childhood Curriculum
    by Sherrill B. Flora
    ISBN: 0742401405
    This book is packed with over 600 age-appropriated activities! This valuable resource is organized alphabetically with ideas and activities that stimulate a child's natural curiosity in a wide range of subject areas including languagearts, math, science, social studies, gross motor games, art and music. This book includes 130 reproducible games and patterns, and over 50 alphabet identification pages.
  • Aesop's Opposites: Interactive Aesop Fables
    by Dotti Enderle
    ISBN: 1573104248
    Tired of the same old Aesop? Here's a new twist on the classroom favorites. Aesop's Opposites combines the age-old teachings with the concept of opposites. And to add to this double dose of fun are the instructions for some wacky classroom participation. Each story concentrates on one pair of opposites and includes instructions for interaction by the class as a whole. Aesop's Opposites includes "The Tortoise and the Hare (A Stop and Go Story)," "The Fox and the Crow (A Left and Right Story)" and "The Milkmaid and Her Pail (An On and Off Story)." The moral of this story? There's never been a fresher or more entertaining way to teach opposites.
  • Bright Beginnings, Books 1 and 2
    by Tammy Shaw
    ISBN: 1589820797
    Bright Beginnings is a user-friendly, all-inclusive curriculum that allows busy parents to provide their child with the many benefits of an early education at home. This two-volume set includes 36 weeks of complete lesson plans. The only materials needed are a Bible, household supplies, and some optional library books. This program is designed for four- to six-year-olds and is flexible enough to be used in any home under any schedule. Bright Beginnings helps children grasp important concepts and skills such as letters, shapes, numbers, colors, gross and fine motor coordination, listening, visual discrimination, classifying, and much more. Character training and Bible knowledge is interwoven throughout the curriculum, creating a balanced perspective both academically and spiritually.
  • Colors, Shapes & Sizes
    Wendy Wisemand & Bernie Cossentino (Performer)
    ISBN: B0000AOF40
  • Dinosaur Fun with Letters (Write - Draw - Learn)
    by Bryan Miller
    ISBN: 0890514887
    This colorfully illustrated book is a wonderful educational tool for children ages three to seven. Each letter is highlighted with a dinosaur starting with that letter and children are encouraged to trace each letter and learn to write it for him or herself. Children will enjoy practicing over and over again as they can wipe away their work after each use. This book is perfect for use at home, ideal for travel, and certain to create hours of fun!
  • Do-It-Yourself Early Learning : Easy and Fun Activities and Toys from Everyday Home Center Materials
    by Jeff A. Johnson, Tasha A. Johnson
    ISBN: 1929610815
    Making learning a hands-on experience, Do-It-Yourself Early Learning shows home child care providers how to find and use many of the inexpensive-and often overlooked-building, home-repair, and construction materials available at local hardware stores and home centers to create fun activities and toys that promote play, exploration, and discovery.

    This innovative guide takes teachers on a journey through the aisles of the local home center to help them find creative ways to teach young children to build, interact, and learn from a wide variety of materials-from plumbing and electrical supplies to paints and hardware items.
  • Early Start Mandarin Chinese with Bao Bei the Panda Volume 3: A Wonderful Day
    Ni Hao Productions
    ISBN: B000V4ZW2G
    Early Start Mandarin DVDs provide children of preschool age an entertaining introduction to Mandarin Chinese.
  • Early Start Mandarin Chinese with Bao Bei the Panda Volume 4: My Healthy Body
    Ni Hao Productions
    ISBN: B000V4ZW2Q
    Early Start Mandarin Chinese DVDs are colorful, captivating and engaging. They are well-scripted DVDs, introducing Mandarin Chinese in an enjoyable and fun manner.
  • Games
    by Ivan Bulloch
    ISBN: 1587280507
    Help your child have fun with math. Games is part of the "Action Math" series by Two-Can Publishing. It's a series that teaches basic math concepts such as sorting, ordering, matching, counting and more in a fun way. All of the activities use basic household items and contain clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Text boxes on each page also help explain which math skills are being used.
  • J'apprends mon ABC
    ISBN: B0000YHO8M
    Preschoolers will enjoy learning the sounds of each letter of the alphabet with this fun-filled 60-page workbook and easy-to-sing songs. Performed by children and adults, the songs used reinforce the activities in the book while encouraging children to participate and sing along and learn. In addition, the CD contains a PC or Mac interactive portion that lets you print all the pages of the book from your computer. Developed by professional educators. A must for children in French immersion programs.
  • Let's Sticker & Paste! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks)
    by Shinobu Akaishi (Editor), Eno Sarris (Editor)
    ISBN: 1933241136
    In this book, children first learn to place stickers onto colorful backgrounds to make lively scenes. As they make their way through the book, children develop fine motor control and spatial reasoning skills by pasting paper parts and objects on to designated spots in order to complete fun art projects. Ages 2 and up.
  • Making the Most of the Preschool Years: 100 Activities to Encourage Independent Play
    by Valerie Bendt
    ISBN: 1885814097
    Includes 100 activities to encourage independent play. Complete with illustrations, patterns, and diagrams! Valerie discusses how you can make the most of the preschool years. She also offers tips on multi-level teaching, including teaching school-aged children with a toddler in the house, as she draws from her own experience in teaching her six children. These easy-to-set-up play centers will keep your preschooler busy!
  • Marshmallow Math: Early Math for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Primary School Children
    by Trevor Schindeler
    ISBN: 1553953959
    Given the importance of early learning in cognitive development, Marshmallow Math begins with number concepts that young children can master before they learn to read and write numbers. The book follows a natural progression of skills that starts with simple counting. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other mathematical concepts are introduced gradually with each new skill building upon mastered skills. The book also explores other important math concepts including sorting and comparing, telling time, spatial awareness, pattern recognition, geometry, measurement, and reasoning.
  • Measure
    by Ivan Bulloch
    ISBN: 1587280515
    Help your child have fun with math. Measure is part of the "Action Math" series by Two-Can Publishing. It's a series that teaches basic math concepts such as sorting, ordering, matching, counting and more in a fun way. All of the activities use basic household items and contain clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Text boxes on each page also help explain which math skills are being used.
  • Mommy, Teach Me!: Preparing Your Preschool Child for a Lifetime of Learning
    by Barbara Curtis
    ISBN: 0805444769
    The preschool years are by far the most valuable for building character and instilling a love of learning. Mommy, Teach Me! author Barbara Curtis, a Montessori teacher and mother of twelve, will help you tune into your child's developmental needs and show you how to turn every day at home into a learning adventure your child will never forget.

    This user-friendly guide is filled with hands-on exercises that will release your child's independence, sense of order, concentration, self-control, and other basic skills-the kind of early experiences that will give your child a lifetime educational advantage.

    For any parent, grandparent, or teacher seeking a better understanding of children and wishing to make the most of the preschool years-including memorable introductions to math, science, geography, fine arts, and spiritual life-Mommy, Teach Me! is the place to begin.

    "Mommy, Teach Me! gives parents the tools to help them bring out the best in their child and the best in themselves. This book will help you discover your God-given abilities so that you can help your child better discover hers or his."-Drs. William and Martha Sears

    Barbara Curtis has published more than 700 articles and eight books about education and parenthood. She also writes the internationally popular Mommy Life blog, is an AMI certified Montessori teacher, and leads workshops for mothers from all walks of life on reading and other learning topics. Barbara and her husband, Tripp, have twelve children and live in Waterford, Virginia.
  • My Book Of Number Games 1-70
    by Shinobu Akaishi (Editor), Eno Sarris (Editor)
    ISBN: 4774307599
    This book contains two types of educational games. First are color-by-number exercises, which help children recognize numbers up to 70. Next are connect-the-dots exercises, which teach children ordinal numbers and the sequence of numbers between 1 and 70. Both types of exercises will create the basis skills needed for addition, subtraction and other advanced level math.
  • My First Book Of Cutting
    by Shinobu Akaishi (Editor), Eno Sarris (Editor)
    ISBN: 4774307084
    2005 Finalist for the Association of Educational Publishers’ Distinguished Achievement Award, this workbook gives children the opportunity to practice using scissors accurately. Many children have difficulty cutting exactly on the lines, so this workbook has children begin cutting on thick lines before moving gradually to thinner ones. Children will eventually be comfortable cutting straight lines, curves, and circles, and the practice will help develop their manual dexterity.
  • My First Book Of Mazes
    by Shinobu Akaishi (Editor), Eno Sarris (Editor)
    ISBN: 4774307092
    This book gives children the opportunity to build a firm foundation for pencil-control skills by tracing lines through basic mazes following clear directional indicators. The exercises have many three-dimensional illustrations, such as towns, streets, and parks, which engage children’s curiosity. This amusing practice will also help children acquire the ability to concentrate, a crucial study skill for the emerging student.
  • My First Book Of Tracing
    by Shinobu Akaishi (Editor), Eno Sarris (Editor)
    ISBN: 4774307076
    This is the first Kumon Workbook in our series. Within, children have the opportunity to practice basic pencil-control skills. All the exercises include colorful, pleasing pictures that children will enjoy drawing. Children start by tracing straight vertical lines, and gradually move to drawing more challenging curved, zigzag, and diagonal lines. Through these exercises children will acquire the ability to use a pencil easily.
  • Obvious Letters: The Associative Alphabet Every Child Will Remember
    by Gisela Hausmann (Illustrator), Ozzie Pardillo
    ISBN: 0966421701
    First real comprehensive alphabet book. Book and workbook in one. Every associative illustration looks like it's letter. Was tested in a National school of Excellence. Has received high marks from teachers, incl. Montessori school. Illustrations have been specifically designed to be a true memory aide. Pictures of the book correlate to the letters in new ways. The content helps the child to identify the names of the letters, the shapes and sounds, using auditory, visual and kinestethik processes.
  • Patterns: Action Math
    by Ivan Bulloch
    ISBN: 1587280531
    Help your child have fun with math. Patterns is part of the "Action Math" series by Two-Can Publishing. It's a series that teaches basic math concepts such as sorting, ordering, matching, counting and more in a fun way. All of the activities use basic household items and contain clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Text boxes on each page also help explain which math skills are being used.
  • Preschool Art : 'It's the Process Not the Product.'
    by MaryAnn F. Kohl, K. Whelan Dery (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0876591683
    Preschool Art offers over 200 process-oriented art experiences for children ages 3-6. Using materials commonly found in the home, child care, or preschool program children explore, discover, and create open-ended art experiences. There are no adult-made samples to copy-only the imagination of the artist and materials at hand.
  • Rock 'N Learn: Colors, Shapes & Counting
    Richard Caudle
    ISBN: B00008R9KS
    Join Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle, and Rockford Rectangle for a learning adventure full of songs, laughter, and games. Children will enjoy counting objects by color, shape, or a combination of both. Even gifted learners will be challenged by advanced colors (maroon, turquoise) and shapes (polygons, ellipses). Recommended for ages 3-5.
  • Rock 'n Learn: Letter Sounds (2003)
    Rock 'n Learn
    ISBN: B00009XN4I
    Kids review the alphabet and learn the most common sound that each letter makes. Fun songs and games hold interest and get results. Introduces the common sounds of consonants and vowels, consonant blends and common sight words. Kids get lots of practice reading words. By the end of the program, they are reading easy sentences in very short stories. In the video versions, an on-screen mouth helps teach proper enunciation of sounds. Ages 4 and up.
  • Science Play!: Beginning Discoveries for 2-To 6-Year-Olds
    by Jill Frankel Hauser (Author), Michael P. Kline (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 1885593201
    Contains sixty-five activities that introduce readers to scientific exploration, including such subjects as weather, soil science, plants, color, and light.
  • Shapes
    by Ivan Bulloch, Wendy Clemson, David Clemson
    ISBN: 158728054X
    Help your child have fun with math. Shapes is part of the "Action Math" series by Two-Can Publishing. It's a series that teaches basic math concepts such as sorting, ordering, matching, counting and more in a fun way. All of the activities use basic household items and contain clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Text boxes on each page also help explain which math skills are being used.
  • Slow and Steady Get Me Ready: A Parents' Handbook for Children from Birth to Age 5
    by June R. Oberlander
    ISBN: 159160236X
    Slow And Steady Get Me Ready, written by a retired kindergarten teacher, has been revised and updated for parents and teachers who want to help preschool children learn and grow.
    1. Tells you when, how and what skills to develop
    2. An inexpensive phonetic approach for reading and spelling
    3. A complete readiness curriculum full of ideas
    4. Age-appropriate, developmental activities
    5. Activities are easy to understand and do
    6. Takes only about ten minutes for each activity
    7. Uses common household items
    8. Enriches the parent child bond with close interaction
    9. Important information on the early brain
    10. Includes measurable parameters to profile child development
    11. Gives tips for solving behavioral problems
    12. Develops preschool skills painlessly and in proper order
    13. One learning activity a week for five years
    14. 352 pages with 260 activities
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