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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Dover Fine Art Stickers

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

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Dover Fine Art Stickers List

  • Audubon 16 Art Stickers
    by John James Audubon
    ISBN: 0486424049
    Accurate, beautiful, and bold, these highlights from the great artist-naturalist's 1839 masterpiece, Birds of America, will delight lovers of fine art and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Botticelli 16 Art Stickers
    by Sandro Botticelli (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0486419657
    16 of the famed Florentine artist's finest works, including The Birth of Venus, Portrait of Dante, Primavera, The Annunciation, Portrait of a Lady, Madonna del Libro, and 10 more.
  • Burne-Jones 16 Art Stickers
    by Edward Coley Burne-Jones
    ISBN: 0486419665
    Distinctive works by an inspired English artist: The Garden of Hesperides, Astrologia, Saint George and the Dragon, Pan and Psyche, Love Among the Ruins, 11 others.
  • Cassatt: 16 Art Stickers
    by Mary Cassatt
    ISBN: 0486403904
    Excellent reproductions of works by artist widely regarded as America’s greatest female painter: The Letter, Emmie and Her Child, Margot in Blue, Woman Bathing, 12 others.
  • Cezanne: 16 Art Stickers
    by Paul Cezanne
    ISBN: 0486408299
    Beautiful reproductions of Still Life with Apples, Woman in Blue, Bather and Rocks, Still Life with Onions, 12 others.
  • Classic Posters: 16 Art Stickers
    by Maggie Kate (Editor)
    ISBN: 0486421422
    Legions of poster enthusiasts and sticker fans will find immense pleasure in this collection of 16 beautifully printed tributes to the golden age of the poster. Works by Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, Chéret, Mucha, Will Bradley, Eugène Grasset, and other masters who brought poster art to a new height are represented in sticker format, ready to enhance stationery and gift packages and delight devotees of these noted turn-of-the-century artists. Dover Original. 16 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
  • Dali: 16 Art Stickers

    ISBN: 0486410749
    The Visage of War, The Enigma of Desire, the well-known Persistence of Memory, 13 others.
  • Degas: 16 Art Stickers
    by Edgar Degas
    ISBN: 0486403912
    Stunning reproductions include The Dance Examination, After the Bath, Dancer on the Stage, L’Absinthe, and 12 others.
  • Goya: 16 Art Stickers
    by Francisco Goya
    ISBN: 0486410757
    Splendid reproductions of The Parasol, The Duchess of Alba, The Third of May, The Maja Clothed, and 12 others.
  • Homer 16 Art Stickers
    by Winslow Homer
    ISBN: 0486406016
    The Boat Builders, Snap the Whip, West Point, Boy Fishing, 12 more.16 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
  • Hopper: 16 Art Stickers
    by Edward Hopper
    ISBN: 0486408302
    Excellent collection by one of 20th-century America’s leading painters: Western Motel, Hotel Room, Office at Night, Seawatchers, Automat, Approaching a City, 10 others.
  • Kahlo: 16 Art Stickers
    by Frida Kahlo
    ISBN: 0486413500
    The Broken Column, The Dead Dimas Rosas at the Age of Three, Self-Portrait with Monkey, 13 others.
  • Kandinsky 16 Art Stickers
    by Wassily Kandinsky
    ISBN: 0486415678
    This colorful collection of sticker art reproduces 16 striking images by one of the most prominent pioneers of abstract art in the early 20th century. Featured works include Horizontals, Between the Two of Us, Bright Lucidity, Multicolored Circle, Red Oval, Subdued Glow, Checkered, and Painting within a Painting.
  • Klimt: 16 Art Stickers
    by Gustav Klimt
    ISBN: 0486408310
    Water Snakes II, The Kiss, Judith I, Country Garden, The Girlfriends, Adele Bloch-Bauer II, Lady with Hat and Feather Boa, nine others.
  • Leonardo: 16 Art Stickers
    by Leonardo Da Vinci
    ISBN: 0486420442
    One of the great Renaissance painters and a universally acknowledged genius, Leonardo da Vinci used a psychological approach to his art, establishing the idea of the artist as creative thinker rather than a skilled artisan. Sixteen of this master's greatest works are reproduced in miniature for this lovely sticker collection, including Vitruvian Man, Madonna with the Carnation, Bacchus, a detail from The Last Supper, Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), and 11 others. Original Dover 2002 publication. 16 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
  • Manet: 16 Art Stickers
    by Edouard Manet
    ISBN: 0486413527
    Innovative, dramatic techniques on full display in works ranging from the controversial Olympia (1863) to the mature brilliance of A Bar at the Folies Bergère (1881).
  • Michelangelo: 16 Art Stickers
    by Michelangelo Buonarrotti
    ISBN: 0486410773
    From extraordinary ceiling frescos in the Sistine Chapel—beautiful reproductions of The Garden of Eden, The Creation of Man, and 14 other masterworks.
  • Modigliani: 16 Art Stickers
    by Amedeo Modigliani
    ISBN: 0486421430
    Perhaps the greatest Italian artist of the twentieth century, Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) created a number of memorable paintings during the last five years of his life that revealed an intriguing distortion of form and a sensitive use of color. The art stickers in this collection, most of which are from that last five-year period for which the artist is so widely known, include: The Wife of the Artist, Reclining Nude, A Working Girl, Portrait of Max Jacob and 12 others. Dover Original. 16 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
  • Monet: 16 Art Stickers
    by Claude Monet
    ISBN: 0486408329
    Water Lilies (the Clouds), The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son Jean; The Highway Bridge at Argenteuil, The Water Lily Garden, Girls in a Boat, ten others.
  • Morisot 16 Art Stickers
    by Berthe Morisot
    ISBN: 0486415686
    Like her contemporary, Mary Cassatt, Morisot is famous for her portraits of women and children as well as her quiet family scenes. Excellent sticker images of 16 of her finest works include On the Balcony, At the Ball, The Cradle, The Mother and Sister of the Artist, Julie with a Doll, Eugène Manet and His Daughter in the Garden, and Little Girl Reading.
  • Munch 16 Art Stickers
    by Edvard Munch
    ISBN: 0486419673
    Madonna, Self-Portrait, Anxiety, The Death Bed, The Day After, Melancholy, The Dance of Life, The Scream. 8 others.
  • Picasso: 16 Art Stickers
    by Pablo Picasso
    ISBN: 0486410765
    From the most renowned and influential artist of the 20th century—excellent reproductions of The Dream, The Bathers, Woman with a Flower, 13 other masterpieces.
  • Prendergast 16 Art Stickers
    by Maurice Prendergast
    ISBN: 0486419681
    Eye-catching reproductions of Maypole; Waterfall; The Stony Beach; Salem Willows; The Picnic; The Mall, Central Park; Women at Seashore; and 9 others.
  • Raphael 16 Art Stickers
    by Raphael
    ISBN: 0486424057
    Great works in miniature by the master painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance, including Madonna and Child and Saint George and the Dragon.
  • Rembrandt: 16 Art Stickers
    by Rembrandt Van Rijn
    ISBN: 0486421414
    One of the supreme geniuses in the history of art, Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) dramatically displayed the use of light and shadows in his work. This dazzling sticker collection features 16 spectacular reproductions in miniature of this artist's finest works, among them The Holy Family, A Woman Bathing, Two Africans, Self-Portrait, and The Syndics. Sure to add a decorative touch to letters and gift packages, these splendid images will enhance almost any flat surface. Original Dover (2002) publication. 16 full-color stickers on 4 plates.
  • Remington: 16 Art Stickers
    by Frederic Remington
    ISBN: 0486413535
    Large, beautifully reproduced sticker images of Conjuring Back the Buffalo, The Trooper, Aiding a Comrade, The Intruders, Blanket Signal, 11 other paintings.
  • Rivera 16 Art Stickers
    by Diego Rivera
    ISBN: 0486415694
    Powerful images from the famous muralist and oil painter, among them: Nude with Calla Lilies, Night of the Rich, The Flowered Canoe, Self-Portrait, The Flower Carrier, and Agrarian Leader Zapata.
  • Sargent 16 Art Stickers
    by John Singer Sargent
    ISBN: 0486406067
    Miss Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth, Doctor Pozzi at Home, Lady Agnew, Teresa Gosse, and a dozen more.
  • Seurat 16 Art Stickers
    by Georges Pierre Seurat
    ISBN: 0486424065
    Splendid reproductions in miniature, among them the famed A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.
  • Tissot 16 Art Stickers
    by James Jacques Joseph Tissot
    ISBN: 0486424073
    Compelling views of nineteenth-century elegance revealed in breathtaking portraits of lovely women and their fashionable attire.
  • Van Gogh: 16 Art Stickers
    by Vincent Van Gogh
    ISBN: 0486403955
    Sunflowers, The Bridge at Langlois, The Postman Roulin, Vincent’s Chair, Café Terrace By Night, and 11 others.
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