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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - General Science Books

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Science

General Science Books List

  • Complete Aquarium Adventure, The - A Field Trip in a Book
    by Bill and Merilee Clifton
    ISBN: 0890515549
    The Complete Aquarium Adventure provides all you need for an aquarium trip, with guidance and devotions for Before the Aquarium, insights and information for At the Aquarium, and activities and follow-up for After the Aquarium. An incredible field trip guide to help with any aquarium visit, bringing glory to God for His marvelous creation!

    Plus: 3 BingOcean Cards, 7 Devotionals, 7 Ocean Zone Cards, 31 See the Sea Creatures Section, 31 Animal Fact Cards, and 35 Reproducible Activity Sheets.
  • Complete Zoo Adventure, The: A Field Trip in a Book
    by Gary and Mary Parker
    ISBN: 089051500X
    With sections focused on preparing for the trip, learning while at the zoo, and activities to reinforce what you learn, The Complete Zoo Adventure is a great way for homeschoolers or any family to direct a field trip or to just learn about God's creation in the classroom. Perfect for all ages, this guide has checklists, connect-the-dot pictures, word finds, fact cards, a field journal, and more in the activity section. A great way to make learning fun, the guide also includes Scripture memory text listings to show kids that God's creation is found throughout the Bible.
  • Crime Scene: How Investigators Use Science to Track Down the Bad Guys
    by Vivien Bowers
    ISBN: 1897066562
    Crime Scene takes young readers behind the yellow tape, into the crime lab, and into the heads of investigators. As they study the whys and hows of connecting clues, suspects, and victims, budding sleuths learn how unique clues like toolmark and fibers can lead to irrefutable conclusions; how to detect fake money and forged documents; how faces are reconstructed from bare skulls; and how crime scenes can be surrounded by silent witnesses that speak volumes. Martha Newbigging’s witty illustrations enhance the book’s lively design, while readers’ curiosity is quenched with striking photos from the lab. A glossary of forensic specializations details the many different professionals that each case requires.
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills, Solve a Mystery, Learn Science
    by Dana M. Barry (Author), Hideyuki Kanematsu (Author)
    ISBN: 160247074X
    Develop Critical Thinking Skills, Solve a Mystery, Learn Science is an interdisciplinary approach for the teaching of Science and Language (Reading). The book includes two short stories and a detailed science education component. It is an excellent way to develop students critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Also lovers of mystery stories will be entertained and captivated by the suspense of Mail Mystery ( Sue Phillips is delighted to have a summer job at a Post Office, but is unaware of the danger that awaits her.) and Mind Games Plus ( A newly hired science teacher encounters many strange people and events, and then mysteriously disappears.). Dana Barry s and Hideyuki Kanematsu s book is a MUST READ for everyone. Develop Critical Thinking Skills, Solve a Mystery, Learn Science provides enjoyable and educational experiences through its thrilling mysteries, its science activities, and by the inspiring words of Hollywood actor Eric Barry.
  • Great Moments in Science: Experiments and Readers Theatre
    by Kendall Haven
    ISBN: 1563083558
    Significant moments of scientists' discoveries and inventions come alive in these 12 scripts based on stories in Marvels of Science. Linked with each are student experiments that parallel or simulate the actual experiments in the story. For example, young learners can enact the process by which Galileo developed his Law of Falling Objects. Detailed directions and step-by-step instructions guide students through experiments in physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, rocketry, genetics, and other major fields of science.
  • Howtoons: The Possibilities Are Endless!
    by Saul Griffith (Author), Joost Bonsen (Author), Nick Dragotta (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 006076158X
    Part comic strip and part science experiment, Howtoons shows children how to find imaginative new uses for common household items like soda bottles, duct tape, mop buckets, and more–to teach kids the "Tools of Mass Construction"!

    Howtoons are cartoons that teach 8– to 15–year–old readers "how to" build, create, and explore things. Combining a fun, full–color cartoon format and real life science and engineering principles, Howtoons are designed to encourage kids to become active participants in the world around them.

    Readers meet Tucker and Celine, a lovable brother and sister pair. Sick of watching TV and playing video games, Tucker and Celine decide to conquer every kid's nightmare: the dreaded summer o' boredom. Armed with countless ideas for fun projects, they set out to reclaim the sheer joy of playing. Fifteen practical, build–it–yourself projects are weaved into the Tucker and Celine storyline. With the narrators' help and clear step–by–step instructions, young readers will learn how to set up a workshop, create a marshmallow shooting gun, make ice cream without a freezer, play songs on a turkey baster flute, explore a homemade terrarium, launch a pressure–powered rocket, and more!

    Utilizing inexpensive, kid–friendly materials, Howtoons will prove that the world at large is infinitely more exciting than anything happening on the TV or computer screen. Plus, each project will provide readers with practical skills and problem solving know–how that they can use in their everyday lives. These funny, interactive Howtoons are sure to inspire independence and creative savvy in young people everywhere.
  • Imponderables(R): Science
    by David Feldman
    ISBN: 0060898860
    In gathering the most fascinating questions asked about science into a handy Gem format, pop culture guru David Feldman demystifies these and much more in Imponderables®: Science. Providing you with information you can't find in encyclopedias, dictionaries, or almanacs, Science is a fun look at the little things that make life so interesting.
  • Math and Science Across Cultures: Activities and Investigations from the Exploratorium
    by Maurice Bazin(Author), Modesto Tamez (Author), The Exploratorium Teacher Institute (Author)
    ISBN: 1565845412
    Innovative, hands-on math and science activities of many cultures, from one of the world's foremost science museums.

    Too often, the study of science, math, and technology is limited to the major successes of the Western world. Yet people all over the world have observed and explored nature and developed technologies to help them in their everyday lives.

    From the creators of the national bestseller and Parent's Choice Book Award-winner The Explorabook (over one million copies sold) comes Math and Science Across Cultures, designed to help teachers, parents, and youth-group leaders use hands-on activities to explore the math and science of different cultural traditions, and to make these subjects more relevant and approachable for children of all backgrounds. With instructions in this book, you can:
    • Construct a Brazilian carnival instrument and investigate the science of sound.
    • Play a peg solitaire game from Madagascar and learn about mathematical patterns.
    • Experiment with a traditionally prepared cup of Chinese tea and learn about energy flow.
    • Count like an Egyptian, decipher Mayan mathematical symbols, and decode the ancient Inca number system of knotted cords.
  • Math and Science Across Cultures: Activities and Investigations from the Exploratorium
    by Maurice Bazin, Modesto Tamez
    ISBN: 1565845412
    Innovative, hands-on math and science activities of many cultures, from one of the world's foremost science museums.

    • Construct a Brazilian carnival instrument and investigate the science of sound.
    • Play a peg solitaire game from Madagascar and learn about mathematical patterns.
    • Experiment with a traditionally prepared cup of Chinese tea and learn about energy flow.
    • Count like an Egyptian, decipher Mayan mathematical symbols, and decode the ancient Inca number system of knotted cords.
  • National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia
    by National Geographic Society
    ISBN: 0792271807
    A comprehensive look at the world of animals, their features, behavior, and life cycles, arranged by the categories "Mammals," "Birds," "Reptiles," "Amphibians," "Fish," and "Insects, Spiders, and Other Invertebrates."
  • Popular Science: Almanac for Kids
    ISBN: 1931933693
    The BrainPOP Science Almanac is a comprehensive resource for the classroom and the home, bringing BrainPOP's award-winning content to the printed page. With thousands of topics and more than 600 photos and illustrations, you're sure to get into science in a big way!
  • Sharing Nature With Children
    by Joseph Bharat Cornell
    ISBN: 1883220734
    As Joseph Cornell’s classic book reached its 20th anniversary, Cornell drew upon a wealth of experience in nature education to significantly revise and expand his book. New nature games—favorites from the field - and Cornell's typically insightful commentary makes the second edition of this special classic even more valuable to nature lovers world-wide. The Sharing Nature movement that Cornell pioneered has now expanded to countries all over the globe. Recommended by Boy Scouts of America, American Camping Association, National Audubon Society and many others.
  • Square Wheels and Other Easy-to-Build, Hands-On Science Activities
    by Don Rathjen, Paul Doherty, Esther Kutnick (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0943451558
    The latest in our popular Snackbook series, this volume features 31 all-new Science Snacks-- small-scale versions of exhibits you will find in the Exploratorium made with easy-to-find materials-- which are perfect for the classroom. Topics covered in this book include: Chemistry, Light & Color, Electricity & Magnetism, Sound & Waves, and Heat & Mechanics.
  • Way Science Works, The
    by Robin Kerrod, Sharon Ann Holgate
    ISBN: 0789485621
    Do you know that right now 16.5 tons of air are pressing on your body? Or that with a simple experiment you can "see" a hole in the middle of your hand? Have you ever tried turning a bucket of water upside down without the water falling out? With DK's remarkable introduction to science, young readers can learn many of the most important principles of chemistry and physics--and have a whole lot of fun while they're at it. This big, handsome volume contains more than 60 hands-on projects testing key scientific theories in magnetism, gravity, liquid density, sound vibrations, the laws of reflection, and much more. In addition, the book features information about famous scientists, new technological advances, and basic theories behind everyday objects and activities. Gorgeous photos and clear, step-by-step instructions make this a learning experience budding young scientists won't mind a bit. Don't be fooled, though. Every page is packed with accurate, up-to-date information, and readers are encouraged to take their scientific exploration beyond the limits of this well-organized book. (Ages 10 and older) --Emilie Coulter
  • What Einstein Didn’t Know
    by Robert L. Wolke
    ISBN: 0440508568
    "If I dropped a BB from the top of the world’s tallest building and it hit somebody on the head, would it kill him?" This is just one of a sample of the questions found in each of these books by Robert L. Wolke. The answer is no, it wouldn’t. Wolke explains why in detail. If you have curious children, you’ll find this a handy reference book for answering some of their questions. It’s also a fun book to just sit and read. My husband has a saying he picked up, "Some people are like ketchup bottles, you have to whap ‘em to get anything out of ‘em." Setting aside the fact that you don’t really want to be whapping people, let’s look at the underlying supposition behind this statement–when you can’t get the ketchup to come out of the bottle, whap the bottle on the end. Does whapping a ketchup bottle on the end actually work? Wolke has the answer. Apparently the best way to get ketchup from a bottle winds up with ketchup on the walls. Wolke turns to Sir Isaac Newton to discredit the old pound on the end of the bottle method. He proceeds to give two methods Sir Isaac would approve as based on his three laws of motion. Whirling the bottle would be the messier of the two.

    If after reading these books you want to pull some bit of knowledge back out for the edification of friends and family and their general amazement at your grasp of scientific matters, there’s a handy index in the back of the book. Of course once you establish yourself as the authority on answering questions about why things are the way they are, you may find yourself hoping that Wolke writes a third book.
    Review by Beverly S. Krueger
  • What Einstein Told His Barber: More Scientific Answers to Everyday Questions
    by Robert L. Wolke
    ISBN: 0440508797
    See review above.
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