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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Homemaking

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Home & Family

Homemaking List

  • For the Family's Sake: The Value of the Home in Everyone's Life
    by Susan Schaeffer MacAulay
    ISBN: 1581341113
    For many of us the word home brings warm thoughts and happy memories--far more than the dictionary's simple definition of "a place of birth or one's living quarters." For many of us, home is where the heart is.

    Yet it is even than that. It is the secure environment that allows our hearts to develop. A haven of growth, quiet, and rest. The place where we love and are loved. Sadly though, this kind of home is beginning to disappear as our busy society turns homes into houses where related people abide, but where there is no "heart."

    With a desire to help you nurture your family's heart, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay presents a clear blueprint for constructing a home that survives the variety of situations that you face in modern life. With Jesus Christ as the foundation, using tools such as common sense, realism, and traditions, you can build a secure, loving environment where every member of your family can flourish.
  • Hidden Art of Homemaking, The
    by Edith Schaeffer
    ISBN: 0842313982
    The author reveals the many opportunities for artistic expression that can be found in ordinary, everyday life.
  • Home-Making
    by J. R. Miller
    ISBN: 1929241356
    Don't let the title fool you. This is not just a book for women who keep home. Home-Making is an uncompromising vision statement for the domestic bliss and cultural dominion of the Christian family. The message of Home-Making is powerful: "Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives -- Home life is meant to be beautiful, ennobling, and victorious!" God intends for each person, from parent to child, to play a role in family life, the ultimate goal of which is the transformation of the individual, the home and the society for the glory of God.

    Miller writes things that we know are true and that we need to hear, but everyone is afraid to say. He carefully addresses each member of the family and somehow manages to find the perfect balance between inspiration and exhortation.
  • Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World
    by Christine M. Field
    ISBN: 0877884722
    Does your child know how to use a check book? Boil an egg? Do the laundry? Read a map? Homeschooler Christine Field helps parents systematically teach kids - from preschool to the teen years - what they need to know to thrive as adults.
  • Mom Matters: Hundreds of Ways You Can Make a Difference in Your Home
    by Jane Cabaniss Jarrell
    ISBN: 0736904972
  • Mothers and Daughters at Home: 35 Projects to Make Together
    by Charlotte Lyons
    ISBN: 0684862735
    Busy as we are, mothers understand that childhood is a precious moment with limited opportunities to spend heartfelt time with our children. For generations, mothers have created their own family memories -- and keepsakes -- by sitting down with their daughters and making beautiful things for the home. Constructing a dollhouse, stitching a family quilt, painting a kitchen chair, baking sweet rolls, sewing the eyes on a nubby brown teddy bear -- at the end of the day, the hours spent together making these things are the ones we will best remember.

    In Mothers and Daughters at Home, the talented writer and designer Charlotte Lyons examines and embraces the intimate personal style a mother shares with her daughter. Featuring 35 wonderful and easy-to-do projects -- from doll making, quilting, decoupage, and embroidery to papier-mâché, jewelry making, and cooking -- this inspiring volume introduces mothers and daughters to the delights of shared creative endeavor. The projects are fun and simple, and produce excellent results. But the most valuable element is the shared experience of making something together.

    Inspired mothers and daughters will be delighted with their efforts as well as the moments they spend at work with each other. Organized according to the length of time each project requires -- from an hour to a weekend, or longer -- this lushly illustrated book shows us that anyone can make beautiful and exciting accessories for the home with the simple guidance and inspiration Lyons so wonderfully provides.

    Profiles of mothers and daughters show us how deep the family bond can become when creative effort strengthens the mother-daughter relationship. Even the mistakes become cherished souvenirs of personal artistry and remembrance -- made together as dearest friends, mothers and daughters.
  • Neat Mom, Messie Kids: A Survival Guide
    by Sandra Felton
    ISBN: 0800758056
    A Survival Guide for Neat (and Not-So-Neat!) Moms

    What you want is a neat house, cooperative kids, and a fair distribution of work. But what you have are kids with messy bedrooms who also leave the living areas a mess and drag their feet on doing their chores. Right?

    Help is here! No, it's not maid service. Something even better! You may be naturally neat and wonder why your kids didn't inherit this tendency, or you may be not-so-neat and wonder how you can teach your kids what you don't know how to do yourself. Whichever is true for you, Neat Mom, Messie Kids will show you how to become the coach of a family organizing team and transform your house into the home of order and dignity you want.

    Helpful letters from other moms, lists of related books and web sites, chore charts, and other practical tools found in this book will guide you in keeping your house organized, neat, and visitor-ready-with less effort. And with advice from Sandra Felton, the Organizer Lady, you will discover secrets to making your family a wonderful dynamic unit in ways that flow way beyond the house.
  • Simple Tips for Simple Living for Women
    by Jim Fletcher (Editor), Roger Howerton (Editor)
    ISBN: 0892215747
    This new series gets back to the basics. In the everyday hustle and bustle of trying to get ahead, or even just "keeping up with the Joneses," we tend to overlook and neglect life’s little pleasures. Here are beautiful reminders to stop and smell the roses along the pathway of life. Filled with quotations, Scriptures, and anecdotes, these books are excellent gifts for those who may be missing out on the best life has to offer.
  • Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills
    by Mrs. Martha Greene
    ISBN: 1932307524
    Reminiscent of the old-timey journals kept by homekeepers of the past, this treasury is to be passed from mother to daughter. This will be a treasured album of homekeeping skills, something fast becoming a lost art in our day. Filled with inspiration and with plenty of room to paste clippngs and to journal in your own handwriting keeping the way "Mother always did it" from becoming forgotten in this ever-changing world.
  • What Is a Family
    by Edith Schaeffer
    ISBN: 0800750888
    All the moving, changing shapes of a family, ever in need of work, are shown in Edith Schaeffer's imaginative reflections on infancy to grandmotherhood.
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