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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Art Curriculum

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Art

Art Curriculum List

  • All About Drawing Dinosaurs & Reptiles
    by Walter Foster Creative Team
    ISBN: 1600585795
    Perfect for children who love to doodle, this introductory drawing book makes the art of drawing easy. Clear, easy-to-follow examples use basic shapes and colors to teach children how to draw step by step. Inside, young readers can learn simple ways to draw and color a collection of reptiles and dinosaurs. Each lesson features fun, fascinating facts about favorite species, as well as simple drawing tips to guide kids along. With All About Drawing: Reptiles and Dinosaurs, aspiring artists will be drawing their own masterpieces in no time!
  • All About Drawing Horses & Pets
    by Walter Foster
    ISBN: 1600585809
    Ideal for children who love to doodle, this introductory drawing guide makes the art of drawing easy. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions use basic shapes and colors to teach children how to draw step by step. In this book, young readers will learn simple ways to draw and color their favorite horse breeds and other beloved pets. Each project features fun, fascinating facts, as well as simple drawing tips to help kids build confidence. With All About Drawing: Horses and Pets, aspiring artists will be drawing their own masterpieces in no time!
  • Art Adventures at Home : A Curriculum Guide for Home Schools
    by Jean M. Soyke, Pattye Carlson
    ISBN: 9994024930
    Art Adventures at Home 1 is a complete art curriculum for children in grades K-2 (or older children without previous art experience). It introduces the fundamentals of art in over 100 step-by-step lessons (three years' worth of curriculum). These lessons are organized into five different units: drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and crafts.
  • Art History & Appreciation Activities Kit: Ready-To-Use Lessons, Slides, and Projects for Secondary Students/Book and Slides
    Helen D. Hume
    ISBN: 0876281110
    From the Back Cover
    A complete resource for teaching art history and appreciation through hands-on activities that can be done in a classroom or art studio. Provides 88 student projects with over 100 reproducible handouts and worksheets and 40 color slides of famous artworks. 12 sections cover both Western and non-Western art from the Ancient World to today. Complete teacher background, slide script, and useful appendices included.
  • Art Smart!: Ready-To-Use Slides and Activities for Teaching Art History and Appreciation
    by Susan, Rodriguez
    ISBN: 0130477540
    From the Back Cover
    A complete, sequential art history and appreciation curriculum for grades 3-9. Includes 40 full color, museum- quality slides of art masterpiecs, 94 ready-to-use art activities, and ART SMART Chart that explains each period of art, and reproducible calendar pages for each month featuring the birthdays of major artists.
  • Beginner's Guide: Drawing 1
    by Michael Butkus (Author)
    ISBN: 1560104848
    In this book, Mike Butkus offers the perfect introduction to the exciting world of drawing! Inside Drawing 1, you will find an array of beautiful drawings that will inspire you to explore the medium further. The author covers a wide range of the most popular subjects as he introduces a number of basic art concepts and drawing techniques. You’ll learn about creating basic face and figure proportions, developing realistic textures, adding depth and distance to landscapes, and more. You also will learn about the tools and materials you will need to get started drawing your own favorite subjects. After this introduction, you’ll be ready for Drawing 2, where you will find step-by-step demonstrations to help you further your drawing skills. (32-page paperback, 10.25" x 13.75") Previously titled Starting Out Drawing.
  • Colored Pencil Portraits: Step by Step
    by Ann Kullberg
    ISBN: 0891348441
    Ann Kullberg paints sensitive colored pencil portraits of sweet and “spirited” children. Her work is marked by a rich sense of life and light. Ann’s commissioned portraits and workshops are in high demand--but lucky for us, she’s made time to share her effective and easy-to-learn methods in this month’s Main Selection.

    Using her own gorgeous portraits for instruction and inspiration, Kullberg walks you through the process step by step--including 17 mini-demos showing how to paint realistic features, hair and clothing. Complete demonstrations show how portraits come together from beginning to end. Follow along and you, too, can create living, breathing portraits.
  • Create Anything With Clay
    by Sherri Haab, Laura Torres
    ISBN: 1570543275
  • Creativity Express - Let's Start with Art!
    by Madcap Logic, LLC
    ISBN: B0012AY1WK
    Creativity Express is award winning software created by former Disney® Animators which uses animated characters and interactive activities to teach the fundamentals of art and design, while strengthening the essential life skills of creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Discovering Great Artists : Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters
    by MaryAnn F. Kohl, Kim Solga, Rebecca Van Slyke (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0935607099
  • DK Art School: An Introduction to Art Techniques
    by DK Publishing
    ISBN: 0789451514
    A comprehensive guide for the enthusiastic beginner and the experienced artist alike, An Introduction to Art Techniques embraces seven basic elements of art technique in one comprehensive volume. The subjects included are Drawing, Perspective, Watercolor, Pastels, Oil Painting, Acrylics, and Mixed Media. Easy--to--follow projects ---- from drawing natural forms to creating a photo collage ---- teach you all the essentials of each subject and inspire you to go on to master more complex techniques. Close--up, step--by--step photographs show artworks being created before your eyes, revealing the secrets of how professional artists produce their work. Art Techniques offers the widest choice of specific subjects ---- from mixing watercolors to block printmaking, from tonal drawing to oil painting in layers. You will find clear, authoritative text written by artists who specialize in each particular medium.
  • Draw Horses
    by Lee Hammond
    ISBN: 1581801505
    This latest addition to the Discover Drawing series will teach readers how to produce beautiful renderings of their favorite animals--horses. Hammond's realistic approach, clear step-by-step instruction and encouraging voice ensures that artists of any experience level will be able to succeed right from the start. Even the finished examples look achievable to the first timer--Hammond is just that good a teacher.

    The appealing subject matter combined with clear, detailed directions make Draw Horses a winner and the one book that you can bet on to cross the finish line well ahead of the competition!
  • Drawing Breakthrough Book, The: A Shortcut to Artistic Excellence
    by John Hastings (Author)
    ISBN: 0974941824
    The Drawing Breakthrough Book: A Shortcut to Artistic Excellence builds on and transforms standard drawing concepts. It presents a practical approach to creating line drawings that will enable nearly anyone to see in a fresh way and to draw more accurately. In Part One, you'll learn many of the secrets to seeing and drawing like an artist. In Part Two, you will master the building-block lines. To assist you in this mastery, you'll use breakthrough techniques to practice drawing squares, circles, and ellipses. As you progress, you'll choose and practice drawing simple objects in more and more advanced arrangements. In Part Three, you will first learn how to apply basic principles of composition. Then you'll apply those principles plus your mastery of the building-block lines to composing, seeing, and drawing objects with all types of lines.
  • Drawing Faces: Usborne Art Ideas: Internet-Linked
    by Rosie Dickins, Jan McCafferty, Fiona Watt, Carrie A. Seay, Howard Allman (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0794500978
    This innovative guide is packed with easy ideas for drawing faces. Simple, step-by-step instructions show how to create lifelike portraits, caricatures and cartoons using pencils, pens and paints. With tips on computer drawing, printing and collage and recommended Web sites. Suitable for beginners.
  • Drawing for Older Children and Teens : A Creative Method That Works for Adult Beginners, Too
    by Mona Brookes
    ISBN: 0874776619
  • Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered
    by Quentin Blake
    ISBN: 1570543208
  • Drawing in Color: Animals
    by Lee Hammond
    ISBN: 1581802730
    Lee Hammond's amazing, easy-to-follow techniques enable even first-time artists to render a variety of wonderful animals, from cats and dogs to horses, squirrels, tigers and more.

    Hammond's special graphing system make all the difference, enabling your brain to translate animal poses from a picture into startlingly realistic drawings on the page. Additional guidelines detail the methods used to duplicate eyes, ears, mouths, feet, fur and hide.

    You'll also learn how to layer, blend and shade your work, just like the pros!
  • Drawing in Pen & Ink
    by Claudia Nice
    ISBN: 0891347178
    Got a yearning to pick up a pen and see what you can do? Go for it! But don't sketch alone--let popular artist and teacher Claudia Nice be your guide. She'll make your first steps fun and successful! In her trademark style--friendly and encouraging--Claudia will show you how to do a sketch of a subject that actually ends up looking like the subject. And she shares her secrets for turning simple lines and dots into all kinds of life-like textures, including leaves, glass, hair, fruit, water, clouds, wood grain, grass, fur and feathers. Easy (and fun!) exercises get you started. Step-by-step projects teach techniques as you draw trees, flowers, barns, animals and other subjects--even people! And demonstrations show you how to put all that you've learned together to create a finished picture. So go ahead--grab that pen and have fun! Just follow along with Claudia to get the hang of it, and before you know it, you'll be making your own original pen-and-ink drawings!
  • Drawing Made Easy: Dragons & Fantasy
    by Kythera of Anevern
    ISBN: 1600580688
    Drawing fire-breathing beasts and mysterious, magical creatures has never been so much fun—or so easy! In this 64-page how-to-draw book, fantasy artist Kythera of Anevern demonstrates how to draw dragons, fairies, ogres, merfolk, and everything in between! Readers will discover in-depth tips and techniques for drawing textures such as fur, hair, scales, and teeth, as well as features like tails, wings, talons, hooves, and horns. With a wealth of fanciful drawings and in-depth instruction on re-creating extraordinary creatures in graphite, this book is ideal for anyone who is fascinated by the fantastic.
  • Drawing Nature
    by Stanley Maltzman
    ISBN: 0891349332
    With enthusiasm and skill, artist Stanley Maltzman shows you how to turn nature's inspiration into pencil and charcoal drawings that have the expressiveness and power of paintings. You'll learn how to choose your subject wisely, plan your drawing's format and style to express your feelings, and improvise to capture the mood of the moment. You'll find out how to build depth and focus, and how to use specific techniques--such as circular shading, angular buildup, crosshatching and blending.
  • Drawing Problems and Solutions
    by Trudy Friend
    ISBN: 0715314955
    The invaluable handbook for all drawing students takes a practical problem-and-solution approach to a range of popular subjects, showing common mistakes and how to overcome them.

    The book is divided into 12 themed sections to help teach specific areas of interest. Each section contains three to four spreads showing the common mistakes beginners can often make. Typical errors are shown on the left-hand page with annotations by the author highlighting what the problem areas are. On the right-hand page, Friend shows how a better, more realistic depiction can be achieved, looking at each component and providing comments for guidance.

    After the problem-and-solution pages the author shows how the drawing techniques covered can be combined to produce a complete picture which integrates all the lessons learned. The information throughout is presented clearly with plenty of useful annotations. The handy size also allows you to take it wherever your sketching leads them.
  • Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil
    by J. D. Hillberry
    ISBN: 0891348689
    Rediscover the beauty of pencil ... the joy of getting back to the basics.

    On a recent trip to Chicago, I visited an artist-friend's studio. The walls were covered with large, marvelous paintings-in-progress, shouting with vivid colors. But off in one corner, mounted in a deep shadowbox so you had to stand close and look carefully to see it, was a small pencil drawing. And I did look carefully and long.

    This book by J.D. Hillberry raises the same wonderment I felt then: What is it about pencil drawings that makes them so innately appealing? Is it the humbleness of the medium? The faint sense of nostalgia? The purity of line and value? Whatever it is, J.D.'s remarkable drawings make the most of it.

    This book will open your eyes to the exciting textural possibilities of the medium. You won't believe the incredible drawings you can create using pencil and the special techniques illustrated in this book ... techniques so easy that anyone--from doodler to advanced artist--can begin exploring immediately!
  • Drawing Techniques
    Walter Foster Publishing
    ISBN: 1560108533
    Open this book and enter an imaginative world of drawing, where you can learn to create fantastic works of art, step by step! Inside you'll find a collection of awesome projects, from radical skateboarders to adorable pet portraits. Just trace the patterns at the back of the book to get started. Then follow the steps to learn exciting new techniques with wax crayons, oil pastels, and colored pencisl! Full of colorful illustrations and simple instructions, this book makes learning to draw an ultra-enjoyable adventure!
  • Drawing With Children : A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too
    by Mona Brookes
    ISBN: 0874778271
  • Drawing: How to Draw 1
    by Walter Foster
    ISBN: 1560100117
    What you'll learn from this book ...
    • The basic principles of drawing, from simple sketches to fully rendered pictures
    • What materials and drawing materials you'll need to learn to draw
    • Step-by-step instructions for drawing a variety of popular subjects, including fruit, flowers, animals, human portraits, and even cartoons
    • Techniques for creating different pencil lines and textures, as well as how to ink with brush and pen
    • Helpful information on perspective drawing, with a detailed description of how to create the illusion of depth and form
  • Dynamic Art Projects for Children: Includes Step-by-step Instructions And Photographs (Spiral-bound)
    by Denise M. Logan (Author)
    ISBN: 1562903500
    Over 200 color illustrations show step-by-step instructions for drawing and painting activities with paper, ceramics, printmaking, and sculpture. These art projects were created for and taught to elementary school children to engage them in the creative process, build confidence and self-esteem, and facilitate their creatino of artwork. Elements and principles of design are emphasized. Projects include making abstract art, fantasy space art, landscapes, masks, printmaking, paper cutouts, mobiles, molas, and many more. 112 pages, softcover. Spiral bound.
  • Ed Emberley's Complete Funprint Drawing Book
    by Ed Emberley
    ISBN: 0316174483
    A 2-in-1 edition of two of his most popular titles: Ed Emberley's FINGERPRINT DRAWING BOOK and GREAT THUMBPRINT DRAWING BOOK will be combined in a handy, vertical format paperback. Anyone can be an artist, according to Ed Emberley. These delightful books show how you can use your fingerprints to make pictures. Colorful step- by-step drawings show how to turn your thumbprints into owls, pigs, fish or basketball players simply by adding the letters IVYLOU. The addition of scribbles and dots to a variety of fingerprints will create not only animals and people but entire pictures with any number of themes or subjects. These titles will not only spur creativity in every child but make it easy and fun as well.
  • Fantastic Foam Book, The
    by Laura Torres
    ISBN: 1570541442
  • Geography Through Art
    by Sharon Jeffus (Author), Jamie Aramini (Author)
    ISBN: 1931397589
    Geography Through Art Intenational Art Projects for Kids Completely Revised and Updated! Use this book as an exciting way to supplement any study of geography, history, or social studies. "Geography Through Art" is sure to make a lasting addition to your home or school library. You'll find yourself reaching for this indispensable guide again and again to delight and engage students in leanring about geography through the culture and art of peoples around the world.
  • Getting Started in Watercolor
    Walter Foster
    ISBN: 1560108711
    This Walter Foster Art Studio DVD features fundamental instruction for watercolor methods and techniques from accomplished artist Joan Hansen. The DVD offers a cost-effective and more convenient alternative to attending an artist's workshop—viewers can choose from a menu of basic techniques, as well as pause or replay segments of the instruction.
  • Great Paintings Coloring Book : National Gallery of Art
    by Sheila Susskind
    ISBN: 0810925184
  • Hands on Sculpting
    by Dottie Erdmann
    ISBN: 0945339518
  • How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs
    by Lee Hammond
    ISBN: 089134635X
    If you’ve always wanted to draw beautiful, realistic-looking portraits of your favorite people, this step-by-step guide shows you how to do it – better and more easily than you ever thought possible.

    Lee Hammond quickly teaches you how to add the illusion of three-dimensional highlights and shadows to simple shapes using pencil shading and blending. After you've got the basics down, you’ll learn how to use the same techniques to portray every feature of the human face. You'll also discover how to figure out what the features of your photographed model really look like so you can draw them from different angles. Then Hammond shows you how to put all those features together to create a lifelike portrait that truly captures the individuality of your subject.
  • I Can Crayon
    by Ray Gibson
    ISBN: 0746028598
  • I Can Cut and Stick
    by Ray Gibson
    ISBN: 0746028024
  • I Can Draw Animals
    by Ray Gibson
    ISBN: 0746029438
  • I Can Draw People
    by Ray Gibson
    ISBN: 074603704X
  • I Can Finger Paint
    by Ray Gibson
    ISBN: 0746029497
  • Illustrating Nature: Right-Brain Art in a Left-Brain World
    by Irene Brady
    ISBN: 0915965089
    Even if nature isn’t your all-time hot interest, the bountiful illustrations, generous tips, and step-by-step tutorials focusing on natural objects you can find anywhere, anytime, will give you a jump-start on any other type of subject you choose, from still-life compositions to action figures to landscapes. This book sets you off on a trail of adventure ~ and who knows where it will lead! Dive into this book to discover how you can make your pencil do what you tell it to do. Use your new-found skills to improve your paintings, sketch in your field journal, design and illustrate your own business or greeting cards, or create a home school curriculum for your kids – whatever you desire.

    This book is for all ages – from college students, teens, and art-loving younger kids, to adults looking for a new career or simply wanting to develop their creative skills.
  • Illustrating Nature: Right-brain Art in a Left-brain World
    by Irene Brady
    ISBN: 0915965089
    Illustrating Nature ~ Right-brain Art in a Left-brain World is the secret doorway to realistic drawing – open this book and find the kind of instruction that you’ve always wanted.

    Even if nature isn’t your all-time hot interest, the bountiful illustrations, generous tips, and step-by-step tutorials focusing on natural objects you can find anywhere, anytime, will give you a jump-start on any other type of subject you choose, from still-life compositions to action figures to landscapes. This book sets you off on a trail of adventure ~ and who knows where it will lead! Dive into this book to discover how you can make your pencil do what you tell it to do. Use your new-found skills to improve your paintings, sketch in your field journal, design and illustrate your own business or greeting cards, or create a home school curriculum for your kids – whatever you desire.

    This book is for all ages – from college students, teens, and art-loving younger kids, to adults looking for a new career or simply wanting to develop their creative skills.
  • Keys to Drawing
    by Bert Dodson
    ISBN: 0891343377
    In this book Bert Dodson shares a complete drawing system that you can use for any subject or type of drawing – even if you've doubted your ability to draw. It's based on 55 “keys to drawing." which are introduced at a comfortable pace. The keys are interspersed with dozens of practice exercises that help you learn by doing.
  • Kids Around the World CREATE!
    by Arlette Braman
    ISBN: 047129005X
  • Kids' Crazy Art Concoctions: 50 Mysterious Mixtures for Art & Craft Fun
    by Jill Frankel Hauser, Loretta Trezzo Braren (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 1885593287
    Provides instructions for making a variety of artistic concoctions involving water color cakes, soap paint, crazy dough, pastes, papers, and earthworks.
  • MathART Projects and Activities (Grades 3-5)
    by Carolyn Ford Brunetto
    ISBN: 0590963716
    In this unique book, you'll find dozens of creative projects that make a natural connection between math and art. Students make "stained glass windows" to explore geometry, create a "multiplication house" to reinforce basic multiplication facts, design "fraction flags" and make "place value" snakes! Plus: projects involving number sense, measurement, patterns, symmetry, statistics, and more. Includes easy step-by-step directions. Geared to the NCTM standards.
  • Monet and the Impressionists for Kids: Their Lives and Ideas, 21 Activities
    by Carol Sabbeth
    ISBN: 1556523971
    A lifelong love of art is one of the greatest gifts an adult can bestow on a child-and no period of art is better loved or more available to children than Impressionism. Monet and the Impressionists for Kids invites children to delight in Cassatt's mothers and children, Renoir's dancing couples, and Gaugin's island scenes; 21 activities explore Monet's quick shimmering brush strokes, Cezanne's brilliant rectangles of color, Seurat's pointillism, and Degas's sculpture-like circles of dancers. Kids will learn how the artists' friendships sustained them through repeated rejection by the Parisian art world, and how they lived, painted, and thrilled to the vibrant life of Paris at the approach of the 20th century. A resource section guides readers to important museums and Web sites around the world.
  • National Gallery of Art Activity Book : 25 Adventures With Art
    by Maura A. Clarkin
    ISBN: 0810925958
  • Natural Way to Draw : A Working Plan for Art Study, The
    by Kimon Nicolaides
    ISBN: 0395530075
  • New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, The
    by Betty Edwards
    ISBN: 0874774241
    This is an revised and expanded edition of a classic drawing text which applies the latest developments in brain research to learning to draw. Anyone interested in drawing or learning to draw should get this book whether they believe they can draw or not. My husband went from stick figures to beautiful drawings with this book.
  • North Light Artist's Guide to Materials & Techniques, The
    by Phil Metzger
    ISBN: 1581802536
    With the abundance of art materials and brands on the market today, the average artist is often unsure about what to buy, even for a familiar medium. Artist Phil Metzger solves the problem with this extraordinary compendium, organized by medium and designed to help artists make informed choices. Inside they'll find:
    • Information on today's most popular mediums, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, egg tempera, pencil, pen & ink, charcoal and mixed media
    • In-depth discussions of paints, surfaces and brushes
    • A set of basic techniques and a suggested shopping list to help artists get started in each medium
    • Personal recommendations and advice from other popular North Light artists
  • Pastel Step by Step
    by Marla Baggetta
    ISBN: 1560108010
    Master the basic skills and special techniques of painting in pastel. Explore the colorful art of painting in pastel with this compelling how-to guide. Renowned artist Marla Baggetta demonstrates a variety of subject matter--from expressive portraits and beautiful landscapes to realistic animals and dynamic still lifes--with colorful illustrations and simple instructions. Follow the 12 step-by-step lessons, and along the way, you'll find helpful advice and practical tips that will enable you to create your own impressive works of art in pastel!
  • Pencil Drawing: A Complete Drawing Kit for Beginners
    by Gene Franks
    ISBN: 156010189X
    Learning the captivating art of pencil drawing has never been easier! In this comprehensive introductory kit, acclaimed artist Gene Franks walks you through all the essentials, covering basic techniques as well as more complex concepts such as perspective and value. Pencil Drawing includes nine complete step-by-step drawing lessons to follow and learn. Each project in the book contains clear instructions, helpful tips, and easy-to-follow illustrations. And in addition to the project book, the kit also includes all the art tools and materials you will need to get started creating impressive works of art right away. Beginners are practically guaranteed successful results!

    Hardcover 6.875" x 10.25" case includes a 32-page paperback book, 6 different pencils, sharpener, pencil extender, artistÆs triangle, sandpaper pad, blending stump, kneaded eraser, and pad of drawing paper.
  • Preschool Art : 'It's the Process Not the Product.'
    by MaryAnn F. Kohl, K. Whelan Dery (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0876591683
    Preschool Art offers over 200 process-oriented art experiences for children ages 3-6. Using materials commonly found in the home, child care, or preschool program children explore, discover, and create open-ended art experiences. There are no adult-made samples to copy-only the imagination of the artist and materials at hand.
  • Teaching Geography Through Art
    by Sharon Jeffus, Richard Jeffus
    ISBN: 0971597014
    This is one of the most complete resourceds available for arts and crafts projects from around the world. There are over 135 pages with nearly 200 ideas for projects. There are maps of continents and geography pages written by Cindy Wiggers from Geography Matters. If you don't know what a retablo, a papel picado, fractur, batik a Teneyambi collage, Wycinanki, Bedouin loom and carpet design, etc. is you need this book. There are delightful folk art projects from all over the world! How to do a geography state workshop, famous places of the world with corresponding art projects, making a geography notebook, drawing the planet earth, are all part of this book. This makes a perfect supplement for any geography study.
  • Usborne Art Treasury, The
    by Rosie Dickins (Author), Nicola Butler (Contributor)
    ISBN: 0794514529
    * Exciting introduction to famous artists and artworks, with simple, practical projects based on the techniques used by the artists.
    * Contains 22 famous works by a wide range of artists, including Monet, Van Gogh, Jackson Pollack and Damien Hirst.
    * Young artists can create Degas pastel dancers, a Rousseau jungle scene and Van Gogh swirly landscapes amongst other projects.
    * Also tells the story behind the works of art and the artists who painted them.
  • Usborne Complete Book of Drawing, The
    by Nigel Reece, Alastair Smith, Judy Tatchell
    ISBN: 074601662X
    Whatever their level of artistic skill, readers will improve their drawing. Packed with inspiring ideas and step-by-step sketches to show how to create the finished picture, this book explores a rich variety of subjects, styles and techniques while the reference section describes artists' materials and how to use them.
  • Watch Me Draw! Favorite Pets
    by Jenna Winterberg (Author), Diana Fisher (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 1560109483
    All children love to draw--and now itÕs easy and fun to learn how with the ÒWatch Me DrawÓ series. Each title in the series includes 11 drawing lessons, an engaging story, ÒrewardÓ stickers, and a flip-down paper pad with drawing prompts. Favorite Pets features the story of Boomer, a hapless pup that takes the blame when other pets misbehave. As Boomer tries to keep out of trouble, he encounters a host of other household pets. Kids will learn how to draw all the characters featured in the story, including a mischievous kitten, a lucky fish, and a runaway iguana.

    The special flip-down paper pad (which is designed to be used while the book is open) is preprinted with 11 unfinished drawings for the child to complete, helping the child become confident with his or her drawing skills. And each page of the story has a place for a sticker that will complete the scene, providing a sense of accomplishment and helping the child track his or her progress.
  • Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered/Book and Paint Set
    by Thacher Hurd, John Cassidy
    ISBN: 1878257447
  • Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies & Fantasy
    by Meredith Dillman
    ISBN: 1600581412
    Fairies, mermaids, and angels have captivated imaginations throughout the centuries. Embodying all that is feminine, sparkly, and magical, these fantastic creatures have found their ways into countless stories, films, and works of art that appeal to people of all ages. And now anyone can discover how to bring them to life in watercolor with this delightful 64-page guide. Inside, artist-author Meredith Dillman shares the methods of her unique artistic style, which is influenced by Pre-Raphaelite paintings, turn-of-the-twentieth-century book illustrations, and modern-day Japanese manga—a combination that results in beautiful, contemporary artwork. Meredith provides instruction specific to creating the mythical beauties and their whimsical surroundings, showing readers how to draw and paint faces, bodies, hair, clothing, and more. The author also guides readers through several inspiring projects, demonstrating how to re-create the magic step by step.
  • What to Do With a Squirt of Glue: And Paper, Paint, & Scissors, Too!
    by Lori A. Howard
    ISBN: 0865300860
    Not only will you find tons of great things to make and do with a squirt of glue, but you'll find activities for everyday supplies, too. Tempera paint, paper, scissors, and glue are just about all you need to create these wonderful projects.
  • You Can Make a Collage : A Very Simple How-To Book
    by Eric Carle
    ISBN: 1570542074
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