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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Montessori

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Education

Montessori List

  • Absorbent Mind, The
    by Maria Montessori
    ISBN: 0805041567
    In response to the crisis in American education, more than five thousand public and private schools across the nation have adopted the timeless Montessori Method of teaching, of which this book is the cornerstone. Written by the women whose name is synonymous worldwide with child development theory, The Absorbent Mind takes its title from the phrase that the inspired Italian doctor coined to characterize the child's most crucial developmental stage: the first six years.

    A new foreword by John Chattin-McNichols, Ph.D., President of the American Montessori Society, places this classic book in a contemporary context, offering an intelligent discussion of current thinking in child education.
  • Basic Montessori : Learning Activities For Under-Fives
    by David Gettman
    ISBN: 0312018649
    For the first time, Basic Montessori opens the celebrated philosophy and method to a more general public. David Gettman has devised a clear and modern explanation of Montessori's revolutionary ideas about early intellectual development, and provides a step-by-step guide to the Montessori learning activities most commonly used with under-fives. These include activities for introducing reading and writing, counting and decimal concepts, science, and geography, as well as activities that help develop the child's practical and sensorial skills.
  • Discovery of the Child
    by Maria Montessori
    ISBN: 0345336569
    Maria Montessori went beyond the conventions of the day to seek a new way of knowing and loving a child. In THE DISCOVERY OF THE CHILD, she describes the nature of the child and her method of working more fully with the child's urge to learn. With 16 pages of photographs.
  • Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook
    by Maria Montessori
    ISBN: 0805209212
    A short, illustrated guide to the use of Montessori classroom materials. Describes how to set up a "children's house" - an environment for learning where children can be their own masters.
  • Homeschooling Handbook : From Preschool to High School, a Parent's Guide Revised 2nd Edition, The
    Mary Griffith
    ISBN: 0761517278
    This book will help parents do it all--from making the initial decision to embark upon homeschooling to designing a curriculum to navigating state regulations. For each age group, Mary Griffith discusses the curriculum and incorporates useful teaching ideas from schools such as Montessori and Waldorf.
  • Montessori Controversy, The
    by John Chattin-McNichols
    ISBN: 0827345178
    This excellent book presents a balanced review of the strengths and weaknesses of the Montessori method. Detailed information is given on the Montessori educational philosophy, terms, and concepts. This history of Montessori education in the United States is discussed, along with the reasons for the split between Maria Montessori and 'traditional' early childhood education proponents.
  • Montessori from the Start : The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three
    by Paula Polk Lillard (Author), Lynn Lillard Jessen (Author)
    ISBN: 0805211128
  • Montessori Method, The
    by Maria Montessori
    ISBN: 0486421627
    One of the landmark books in the history of education--and one of the least expensive editions now available--this volume describes a new system for educating youngsters. Based on a radical concept of liberty for the pupil and highly formal training of separate sensory, motor, and mental capacities, the system enabled youngsters to master reading, writing, and arithmetic rapidly and substantially. Included are discussions of scientific pedagogy; discipline; the importance of proper diet, gymnastics, and manual labor; and many other topics. Unabridged reprint of the classic 1912 edition.
  • Montessori Play And Learn : A Parent's Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six
    by Lesley Britton
    ISBN: 0517591820
    We all want the best possible starts in life for our children, and one of the best possible starts in life, educationally, is the "method" pioneered by Maria Montessori and taught successfully today throughout the world.

    Now, Lesley Britton, the leading Montessori practitioner in England for more than twenty years, will show parents how to bring Montessori home. If you would like to facilitate the development of your child's unique personality, make it possible for him to develop to his full intellectual capacity, and help him become socially and emotionally well adjusted, then this is the book for you.

    Montessori Play and Learn is packed with ideas, activities, and games that can fit into your normal routine and help supplement preschool learning for your child. For planning your home, introducing your child to the supermarket or the neighborhood, and helping him discover other people and cultures, this book provides valuable tips and insights that help parents and children grow and learn together.
    • Create hundreds of learning opportunities from everyday life
    • Learn dozens of games and activities to help prepare children for mathematics, reading, science, and writing
    • Make your home environment as stimulating for your child as the best Montessori preschool
  • Montessori Read and Write: A Parent's Guide to Literacy for Children
    by Lynne Lawrence
    ISBN: 0091863511
    One of the most important pioneers in the area of child development, Maria Montessori opened the first Children's House in Rome in 1907. She developed there her theories and put them into practice. Today, there is a network of Montessori schools around the world. This text makes the acclaimed methods used in those schools available to all parents who wish to give their child the best possible start on the road to reading and writing. There are sections on how human beings acquire language, how to create an environment which gives the best chance for language to flourish, first steps towards reading and writing, and learning to write the letters. Also covered are the following subjects: starting to read; reading with meaning; and creative and accurate story writing. This book contains age-graded games and activities to aid learning, and has a resources section designed to be appropriate for different geographical regions and/or languages. It includes a reading list, resources list and suggestion for scripts.
  • Montessori Today : A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood
    by Paula Polk Lillard
    ISBN: 080521061X
    Paula Lillard, director of a Montessori school ranging in age from 18 months to fifteen years, provides a clear and cogent introduction to the Montessori program for the elementary and later years. In detailed accounts, Lillard shows how children acquire the skills to answer their own questions, learn to manage freedom with responsibility, and maintain a high level of intellectual stimulation by using the Montessori method. This is an essential handbook for parents and teachers who have chosen the Montessori alternative for the older child.
  • Montessori: A Modern Approach
    by Paula Polk Lillard
    ISBN: 0805209204
    Montessori: A Modern Approach has been called the single best book for anyone -- educator, childcare professional, and especially parent -- seeking answers to the questions: What is the Montessori method? Are its revolutionary ideas about early childhood education relevant to today's world? And most important, especially for today's dual-career couples. Is a Montessori education right for my child?

    Paula Polk Lillard writes both as a trained educators and as a concerned parent -- she has many years as a public school teacher, but it was her enthusiasm for the education her own child experienced in a Montessori school that led her to become a leading voice in the Montessori movement in this country.

    Her book offers the clearest and most concise statement of the Montessori method of child development and education available today.
  • Obvious Letters: The Associative Alphabet Every Child Will Remember
    by Gisela Hausmann (Illustrator), Ozzie Pardillo
    ISBN: 0966421701
    First real comprehensive alphabet book. Book and workbook in one. Every associative illustration looks like it's letter. Was tested in a National school of Excellence. Has received high marks from teachers, incl. Montessori school. Illustrations have been specifically designed to be a true memory aide. Pictures of the book correlate to the letters in new ways. The content helps the child to identify the names of the letters, the shapes and sounds, using auditory, visual and kinestethik processes.
  • Secret of Childhood
    by Maria Montessori
    ISBN: 0345305833
    Maria Montessori describes the child with warmth and the exactness of a scientist. She also discusses the array of materials and techniques needed to release his learning potential.
  • Teaching Montessori in the Home : The School Years
    by Elizabeth G. Hainstock
    ISBN: 0452279100
    Focusing on the two primary disciplines, math and language development, this enriching, easy-to-follow book teaches you how to effectively supplement your child's school education. Incorporating the famed Montessori method and principles of individual thinking and doing, Elizabeth G. Hainstock, teacher and mother, guides you and your child through a course of graduated exercises designed to increase ability. In mathematics, she begins with simple counting and ends with long division and the multiplication of fractions. In language development, she uses word games to teach such concepts as singular/plural, verb/noun, sentence parts, and many more. Filled with mathematical charts and tables and word lists, this new updated edition of the Montessori Home Method program builds and reinforces children's knowledge of two difficult-to-learn subjects as it increases their confidence in themselves and their work.
  • Teaching Montessori in the Home: The Pre-School Years
    by Elizabeth G. Hainstock, Lee Havis
    ISBN: 0452279097
    This book has already helped thousands of parents connect with their children by introducing them at home to the dynamic Montessori method of education. The techniques, exercises, and easy-to-make Montessori materials presented here instill a sense of discovery and awareness in your child, and serve as an essential foundation for future learning. Covering the pre-school years from ages two to five, the lessons focus on reading and writing, mathematics, sensory awareness, and practical life skills. Updated and revised, this guide puts the entire range of the Montessori system within your reach, so you can make the most of your child's vital years.
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