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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Olympic Games

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

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Olympic Games List

  • Ancient Greek Olympics, The
    by Richard Woff
    ISBN: 0195215818
    The ancient Greeks were famous for their love of competition and athleticism. Their most important sporting festival, held at Olympia and honoring Zeus, became the inspiration for our modern Olympic games. It was open to the citizens of every Greek polis, and became so important, that all warfare had to be suspended for its duration.

    This book runs through the entire five-day session of the ancient games. The athletes' training and the actual sporting events--some familiar, some quite strange to the modern reader--are described in vivid detail and illustrated with both classical art from the collections of the British Museum and photographs of the modern Games. Day Two, for instance, starts with morning activities (a procession into the hippodrome, chariot and horse races), followed by the afternoon pentathlon events (discus, javelin, running, jumping, and wrestling), and ends with the evening celebration (winners' parade, victory hymns, feast, and revels). Supplemental sidebars--such as Homer's description of Odysseus' triumphant discus throw and an explanation of why athletes and trainers had to appear naked--add lively, colorful detail. Commentary on the modern Games and a running comparison of modern and ancient athletic events is scattered throughout the book, providing an important historical perspective on today's Olympics. Three supplemental chapters--"Women at the Olympics," "Games Elsewhere in Greece," and "The End of the Olympics"--complete this fascinating look at ancient Greek customs, competitive spirit, and character.
  • Chariots of Fire

    ISBN: 6300271498 essential video
    The come-from-behind winner of the 1981 Oscar for best picture, Chariots of Fire either strikes you as either a cold exercise in mechanical manipulation or as a tale of true determination and inspiration. The heroes are an unlikely pair of young athletes who ran for Great Britain in the 1924 Paris Olympics: devout Protestant Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson), a divinity student whose running makes him feel closer to God, and Jewish Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross), a highly competitive Cambridge student who has to surmount the institutional hurdles of class prejudice and anti-Semitism. There's delicious support from Ian Holm (as Abrahams's coach) and John Gielgud and Lindsay Anderson as a couple of Cambridge fogies. Vangelis's soaring synthesized score, which seemed to be everywhere in the early 1980s, also won an Oscar. Chariots of Fire was the debut film of British television commercial director Hugh Hudson (Greystoke) and was produced by David Puttnam. --Jim Emerson
  • Complete Book of the Summer Olympics: Athens 2004
    by David Wallechinsky
    ISBN: 1894963326
    The gold medal for chronicling the modern Olympics, at every Olympiad since the Los Angeles Summer Games of 1984, has gone to renowned historian David Wallechinsky. His magnus opus, The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics, has been called the bible of the Olympics. Completely updated for the 2004 Athens Games, this ultimate reference book contains all-time Olympic records, statistics and medal standings, as well as results of the top eight finishers in every Olympic event from 1896 to 2000. It also carries, in Wallechinsky’s colorful narrative style, a complete history of the Games plus the inside stories of the major competitors and events in each and every Olympiad.
  • Encyclopedia of the Summer Olympics, The
    by David Fischer
    ISBN: 053116392X
    The Olympic Games began in Greece in 776 B.C., when athletes and spectators gathered to honor their gods. That first Olympiad consisted of a single event -- a footrace. Since that time, athletes have often come together to determine who is the fastest, the strongest, and the best in the world. From a single footrace, the Summer Olympics have grown to include nearly 400 events in 35 sports. The Summer Olympic Games attract over 10,000 participants from almost 200 countries, as well as millions of spectators from around the globe. How did one race grow into such a worldwide phenomenon? The Encyclopedia of The Summer Olympics discusses the ancient contests and describes how one man rekindled the Olympic spirit and organized the modern games.

    You will read about the athletes whose names live in Summer Olympic history, such as Jesse Owens, Nadia Comaneci, and Greg Louganis. These champions are just a few of the many athletes whose triumphs will interest and inspire you. The Encyclopedia of The Summer Olympics will be your guide, taking you through the rules, equipment, and techniques of each sport. Exciting full-color photographs, statistics, and stories await you. The book provides a fascinating look at what many consider the greatest of all athletic contests.
  • ESPN Sports Almanac 2005
    by Gerry Brown, Mike Morrison
    ISBN: 0786887168
    ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, once again brings enthusiasts the most authoritative sports reference book ever published. Whether they're looking for new world records, updating their trivia knowledge, or curious about the most intriguing sports stories of the past year, sports fans will welcome the latest edition of this bestselling almanac, and ESPN fans will find familiar segments from many of ESPN's outlets, including studio shows, radio, on-line, ESPN The Magazine.
  • Eyewitness: Olympics
    by Chris Oxlade, David Ballheimer
    ISBN: 0789462923
    Here is an original and exciting new guide to the heroic world of the Olympic games -- from its ancient beginnings to the Sydney Games in 2000. Stunning full-color photographs of famous athletes, gold medals, colorful mascots and flaming torches provide a unique look at the greatest sports festival in the world. See: the ancient Greek site of Olympia, what an athlete wore in 1896, how a sports shoe is made, and the first Fosbuty flop. Learn: what an athlete in training needs to eat, what the Olympic symbol represents, how Smoky became the 1932 Olympic mascot, and what sports make up a modern pentathlon. Discover: how athlete are timed within fractions of a second, what special materials are used to make a modern swimsuit, what sports were included in the ancient Olympic Games, who has won the most Olympic medals, and much, much more!
  • First Olympic Games , The
    by Jean Richards, Kat Thacker
    ISBN: 0761324437
    After Pelops, son of Tantulus and grandson of the Greek god Zeus, wins the hand of Hippodamia in a chariot race, he decrees that Olympic games are to be held every four years.
  • Going for Gold
    by Andrew Donkin
    ISBN: 0789447649
    DK Readers Level 4: Proficient Readers
    Why are the Olympic Games so special? These exciting stories of courage, teamwork, and willpower bring the Olympic spirit to life.
  • Hour Of The Olympics
    by Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
    ISBN: 0679890629
    Their magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back to retrieve a lost story in ancient Greece, where they witness the original Olympic games and are surprised to find what girls of the time were not allowed to do.
  • Jim Thorpe : Olympic Champion
    by Jr., Guernsey Van Riper
    ISBN: 0020421400
  • Magic Tree House Research Guide: Ancient Greece and the Olympics
    ISBN: 0375823786
    What was it like to live in ancient Greece? What gods and goddesses did Greeks believe in? How did the Olympics start? What was the winner?s prize? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this Magic Tree House Research Guide. Includes fun facts from Jack and Annie, fantastic photos and illustrations, and a guide to doing further research.
  • Miracle (Full Screen Edition)

    ISBN: B0001US66Y
    The miracle about Miracle is that it gets so many details right in telling its 24-year-old story about the historic victory of the U.S. hockey team at the 1980 Olympic Games. It's typical for Hollywood to compromise such period details as hairstyles and fashion when catering to a contemporary audience, but Miracle looks and feels right in every detail, capturing the downbeat mood of post-Watergate America while showing how obsessively determined Minnesota hockey coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) managed to assemble a once-in-a-lifetime team and whip them into a victorious frenzy over their Soviet champion opponents. With sharp support from Patricia Clarkson (as Brooks's wife) and Noah Emmerich (as his long-suffering assistant), Russell grounds the film with a well-balanced combination of aloofness, intimidation, and closely guarded strategy. No doubt the real Brooks (who died in a car accident shortly after filming completed) would have approved. Thanks to director Gavin O'Connor (Tumbleweeds) and the producers of the similarly laudable sports films Remember the Titans and The Rookie, Miracle brings plenty of heart--and historical accuracy--to an old, familiar formula. --Jeff Shannon --This text refers to the Theatrical Release edition.
  • Miracle (VHS)

    ISBN: B0001US67I
  • Miracle (Widescreen Edition)

    ISBN: B0001US66E
  • Nazi Olympics, The: Berlin 1936
    by Susan D. Bachrach
    ISBN: 0316070874
    "Here is the story of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin during which the German Nazi Party attempted to turn the Games into a propaganda vehicle for its own political agenda. This fascinating book, based on an exhibit mounted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, tells the story of those infamous Olympics. Profiled are the organizers, the politicians, and most important, the athletes: those who boycotted the games, those who were banned from participating, and those who competed. All these riveting tales are vividly recounted by Susan Bachrach, author of Tell Them We Remember.
  • Olympics
    by B. G. Hennessy
    ISBN: 061328593X
    All over the world, people are getting ready for the Olympics. Runners are running, swimmers are swimming, and teams are learning to work together. Meanwhile, workers are preparing for a spectacle that million of fans will watch. All of the fun and excitement of the Olympics is captured by B. G. Hennessy's appealing text and Michael Chesworth's bright illustrations in this delightful picture book.
  • Run With Me, Nike!
    by Cassandra Case, Dan Brown
    ISBN: 1568996055
    While visiting the Origins of Western Cultures exhibit at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, Tomas finds himself back in time, competing in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.
  • Wilma Rudolph: Olympic Runner
    by Jo Harper
    ISBN: 0689858736
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