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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Vocabulary Curriculum

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Curriculum

Vocabulary Curriculum List

  • 500 SAT Words, and How To Remember Them Forever!
    by Charles Gulotta
    ISBN: 0965326306
    This book does more than tell you which words to learn for the SAT. It teaches you how to learn them -- and not for temporary memorization, but for permanent retention. Using powerful (and funny) visual images, you'll build a mental bridge between each unfamiliar word and its simple meaning. You'll also discover dangerous look-alike and sound-alike words, which are frequently used as decoys on the SAT. You'll learn correct pronunciation and alternate parts of speech for each word. And you'll understand, maybe for the first time, how the SAT uses the confusion of the English language to lure you toward wrong answers -- and how to avoid those traps. Humorous cartoons and bizarre little stories make this a pretty entertaining book, considering it's about the SAT.
  • 601 Words You Need To Know to Pass Your Exam
    by Murray Bromberg
    ISBN: 0812096452
    This book has long been a favorite among students and teachers because it adds a large element of fun to vocabulary-building exercises. In this latest edition, 40 updated lessons present word lists, definitions, pronunciations, and fascinating information on word origins and changing usage. Excellent preparation for standardized verbal and language tests, including PSAT, SAT I, and ACT.
  • English from the Roots Up
    by Joegil K. Lundquist
    ISBN: 0964321033
  • Illustrated Word Smart: A Visual Vocabulary Builder
    by Tom Meltzer
    ISBN: 0375751890
    Ever look up a word in the dictionary and forget what it means a week later? Here's a breakthrough approach! Includes 250 entries (all key SAT words) with original illustrations and simple memory techniques
  • Journey of English, The
    by Donna Brook
    ISBN: 0395712114
    An easy-to-read text in an accessible format shows how the most widely spoken language in the world developed and spread, tracing the journey of English from its Indo-European roots to its status today as the international language of business, government, and education.
  • More Illustrated Word Smart: A Visual Vocabulary Builder
    by Morgan Chase, Chris Kane (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0375762051
    Including 250 new comical word pictures, just like those in TPR's breakthrough book, Illustrated Word Smart Providing complete definitions, parts of speech, skill-building word puzzles and so much more Using special memory devices to help students memorize key terms from the SAT and other standardized tests Featuring artwork that makes learning fun and easy
  • Vocabulary Cartoons II: Building an Educated Vocabulary With Sight and Sound Memory AIDS
    by Sam Burchers, Max Burchers, Bryan Burchers, Lee Horton (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0965242269
    Young Adult
  • Vocabulary Cartoons: Building an Educated Vocabulary With Visual Mnemonics
    by Sam Burchers, Dave Horton (Illustrator), Beryl Woodman (Illustrator)
    ISBN: 0965242277
    Ages 9-12
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots - A
    by Nancy Fifer, Norma Fifer
    ISBN: 0838822525
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots - B
    by Norma Fifer, Nancy Flowers
    ISBN: 0838822541
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots - C
    by Nancy Fifer, Norma Fifer
    ISBN: 0838822568
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots - D
    by Nancy Fifer
    ISBN: 0838822584
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots - E
    by Nancy Fifer, Flowers
    ISBN: 0838822606
  • Word Smart Junior : Build a Straight 'A' Vocabulary/Grades 6-8
    by Cynthia Brantley
    ISBN: 0375762574
    2nd Edition
    An introduction to 500 words students should know by the time they enter high school. Uses stories to present words in context and has quizzes for reinforcement.
  • Word Smart Junior II: More Straight-A Vocabulary
    by Cynthia Johnson, C. L. Brantley
    ISBN: 0375762582
    Get ready to put some charisma in your conversations, and to dazzle your friends and teachers with dynamic discourse. Bridget, Barnaby, Babette, and fat cat Beauregard are back in a brand-new venture as they try to stop the scoundrel aliens Vargas and Gorgas in their crusade to destroy earth. Along the way they'll have to elude dangerous predators like angry dinosaurs and abominable aliens. While you are enjoying the exciting story and the many exotic places it takes you (like the foreboding Volcano of Doom and the long-ago Mesozoic era), you'll be learning tons of cool vocabulary words with now exertion whatsoever. That's right. It won't feel like work at all! You'll even be a step ahead of the game in preparing for a certain test that's waiting right around the corner, the SAT (maybe you've heard of it already?)
  • Word Smart Junior, 3rd Edition
    by Princeton Review
    ISBN: 0375428712
    Word Smart, Jr. helps kids in grades 6 8 master vocabulary basics using a fun, relaxed, and interactive approach to learning. It chronicles the adventures of a group of kids as they learn new words, and so students using Word Smart, Jr. will improve their vocabularies and find entertainment at the same time. The third edition has been revised and updated, and it includes completely contemporary words and references.
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Eight

    ISBN: 0838824382
    11th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Five

    ISBN: 0838824358
    8th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Four

    ISBN: 083882434X
    7th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Nine
    by Kenneth Hodkinson, Sandra Adams
    ISBN: 0838824390
    12th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book One

    ISBN: 0838824315
    4th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Seven

    ISBN: 0838824374
    10th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Six

    ISBN: 0838824366
    9th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Three

    ISBN: 0838824331
    6th Grade
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book Two

    ISBN: 0838824323
    5th Grade
  • Words on the Vine: 36 Vocabulary Units on Root Words
    by Claudia Vurnakes
    ISBN: 1568226616
    Ancient Latin and Greek live on in the words we speak every day. Introduce your students to the fun and challenge of word genealogy with Words on the Vine, a 36-unit vocabulary program based on common Latin and Greek roots that will provide you with a framework for an entire school year. Each unit introduces ten related words and shows how their definitions can be traced back to a common meaning. Students first examine each word in context to understand its correct usage. Then they have the opportunity to put the words to work for themselves in creative and challenging assignments. Each unit provides easy-to-remember visual clues, fun-to-read usage examples, and hands-on activities.
  • Word-Wiz, Get to the Roots of a Word
    by Cherie Blanchard
    ISBN: 0966314808
    Word-Wiz is both a challenging and a uniquely designed workbook to help students from fifth grade and up, and adults, as well; expand their spelling, vocabulary and comprehension skills. the book is comprised of word elements; known as roots, prefixes and suffixes _ all of which are of Greek or Latin origin. Word-Wiz contains 104 pages of a self-directed Workbook with over 60 pages of root study. It also included two specially designed dictionaries which contain numerous words derived from Greek and Latin root words, plus sixteen pages of reproducible extension worksheets, and a section on independent study.
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