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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - Social Studies Games

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

Booklists Main Page > Social Studies

Social Studies Games List

  • Bethump'd with History
    by Mamopalire, Inc. of Vermont
    ISBN: B00004TXMU
    From the Manufacturer You'll wish you had this game in your History classes! Bethump'd with History is a game devoted to the 'civilizing of civilization', to the women and men who fought against the worst of humanity and strove to make a better world. Test your knowledge of humanity's struggle for rights and freedoms in this unique and thought-proviking game. Players cover world and U.S. history from ancient China to present-day by answering questions from categories such as World Unity, Equal Rights, The U.S. Constitution, History's Crazy Events, and many more. Roll 1, 2, or 3 and answer an A-level question; roll 4, 5, or 6 and answer a B-level question. Answer correctly to advance, but be prepared to use your strategy skills with opponents who adopt the tactics of tyrants and tyranny! Your goal is to avoid their deviousness and be the first to collect all the letters of the Game Word and enter UTOPIA.
  • Chrononauts Card Game
    by Looney Labs
    ISBN: B00065IQ32
    In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards through history, doing all those things people have always dreamed of using a time machine to do: Visiting the great moments of the past, peeking into the future, collecting up impossible artifacts and priceless works of art (at the moment just before history records their destruction), coming to grips with the paradoxes of time travel, and of course, changing pivotal events and altering the course of history itself. How would the timeline be different if Lincoln and JFK had not been assassinated? And is that the version of reality that you came from originally... the one you must return to in order to win? It's all packed into a fast and easy Fluxx-style card game that will take you to the beginning of time and back again. Ages: 11 and up 1-6 Players
  • Early American Chrononauts
    by Looney Labs
    ISBN: B00065IQ3C
    What would have happened if the Boston Tea Party had been prevented, or if Paul Revere's midnight riders had been silenced? What if the USA had failed to purchase Louisiana, or if Washington DC hadn't been burned by the British? What if the Battle of New Orleans had been called off, or if the Alamo had been abandoned and razed before the Mexican army surrounded it? What if Maryland had joined the Confederacy... would the South have won the Civil War? All of these questions and many more will be answered when you play Early American Chrononauts!
  • Great States Board Game
    by International Playthings
    ISBN: B00005BHT0
    From the Manufacturer
    What is the capital of NJ? Where is the Football Hall of Fame? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions players are asked as they adventure around the USA discovering state attractions and landmarks, capitals, state abbreviations, state locations and more. In order to answer the questions on the cards, players must look closely at the colorful USA map game board, becoming familiar with the geography of the country. Players must hurry to find the answers as the mechanical timer ticks. Contents: Game board, 100 Figure cards, 100 Fact cards, 100 Find cards, 1 spinner, 1 mechanical timer, and game rules. Duration of Play: 20 minutes. 2-6 players
  • Hail to the Chief
    by TaliCor
    ISBN: B00000IZCT
    Amazon Review
    The board game Hail to the Chief can take the humdrum out of learning all about our nation's presidents, the election process, U.S. history, and geography. The object is to be the first "candidate" to land on the Presidential Seal. The game, designed for children and adults to play together, is divided into two parts: the Convention and the Campaign. During the Convention, you, the delegate, must accumulate enough correct answers about presidents and the presidency to advance to the Campaign portion, where you'll have to answer questions about U.S. history and geography. The beauty of this game is that the questions are grouped into four difficulty ratings--easy child, hard child, easy adult, hard adult--so players of all knowledge levels can play together. Some of the easy questions are really easy ("Name the national anthem of the U.S."), while others seem a bit obscure ("Did Dakota Territory troops fight in the Civil War?"). The game also tests your honor, since the answers to many questions appear visually on the board itself ("What are the states that border Lake Michigan?"). This Aristoplay game is a Parents' Choice Award winner, and it's no wonder--the trivia-style game helps kids learn in a fun setting and lets adults brush up on seventh-grade history and our democratic process. --Diane Tuman
  • Moneywise Kids
    by Aristoplay
    ISBN: B00000IZHK
    Editorial Review
    Created by a volunteer math aide in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Moneywise Kids contains two simple, fun games that will help kids understand how money works, in terms of dollar value and spending power. In the first game, Bill Maker, kids take turns rolling the dice and earning dollars that are commensurate with the numbers that come up: roll a 2 and a 6, for instance, and you get $8. As they accrue wealth with each turn, players exchange smaller bills for larger ones until someone winds up with $100. In the second game, Bill Breaker, each player starts with $100 and earns more money with each turn, but players must also draw "moneywise markers"--bills for such real-life expenses as food, medical care, and taxes--and make payments along the way. And watch out for those hard-luck chips that mean big bills. The player who collects all six markers and still has $100 in savings is the winner. The game is lively and only lightly competitive, with an accent on grasping the mysteries of dollars and cents. --Tom Keogh
  • Name That Country Game
    by Educational Insights
    ISBN: B00000IRRH
    Editorial Review
    "Dear Pen Pal, Konnichi wa! We've been to see Mt. Fuji. Name my country! Sayonara, Michiko." Challenge your group with this fast-paced geography game, created in 1992 by Educational Insights, Inc. Everyone begins at the post office. Players twirl a finely printed spinner (built into the game board itself) to select one of 60 countries. If the player can correctly identify the country's location on the board's numbered map, he or she may advance along the path to the finish. Bonus moves are won by landing on "postcard" spaces, listening to the clues on one of the 40 postcards, and correctly identifying the pen pal's country. (The sample postcard above came from Japan.) A more challenging game can be achieved by requiring players to name the country's capital; answers are provided. --Liane Thomas
  • Name That State Game
    by Educational Insights
    ISBN: B00000IRRG
    From the Manufacturer
    Take your kids on a cross-country trip! As they play this entertaining game, they'll learn locations, capital cities, and scenic features of all 50 states. Includes full-color gameboard, markers, game cards, spinner, and instructions. For 2-4 players, grades 3-8.
  • Overthrone: The Card Game of Intrigue and Rebellion!
    by R and R Games
    ISBN: B00000K017
    Editorial Review
    The setting is 17th-century France; the action includes rebellion and blackmail. This complex card game is one in which each player attempts to assemble a group of key people and provinces in order to become the most powerful person in the French court. Typical elements in each game are duels, attacks, bribes, capture of provinces, musketeers, courtiers, and gold. There are also special people--bishops, generals, queens, and so on--who possess special power that dramatically affects the game's outcome. Scoring is based on a point system: points are awarded to each province owned. Victory is awarded to the player with the most points at the end of the game. Each game takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to play. If you're interested in 17th-century France's provinces, nobility, and history of dueling and rebellion, then you'll love this card game. --Tami Horiuchi
  • Professor Noggin's Medieval Times Card Game
    by Outset Media
    ISBN: B000BXFN76
    What did the magna carta do for us? Who was joan of arc? How did one avoid being burned as a witch? Learn the answers as you travel back in time to a world of knights, battles, castles, and cathedrals.
  • Scrambled States of America Geography Game
    ISBN: B0000663RL
    Whoever said that learning about U.S. geography had to be boring must not have read The Scrambled States of America. We fell head-over-heels for Laurie Keller's hilarious story and knew that it had the making for a great game. As with her book, we hope our game provides a fun way to enrich basic knowledge of U.S. geography. Players learn the names, capitals, nicknames, shapes and positions of the states through a myriad of visual teasers, language riddles and geography challenges. After playing, you'll see that there's more to the 50 States than meets the eye!
  • Take Stock Board Game
    by Hart Enterprises
    ISBN: B00005JCPI
    Take $tock puts the highs, lows, and thrills of the stock market into a boardgame the whole family can play! Fast, fun and easy- you don't have to be a stock broker to know how to be a winner. But be careful of the dangerous "daytrading square" where you can steal stocks or lose big money with a roll of the dice! Take $tock introduces the concept of investing and basic terminology in a fun way.
  • Where in the World
    by TaliCor
    ISBN: B0006ZJPF0
    Game Concept: Play a card game to learn the countries on the continents. Play with the cards and boards to learn the location of the countries as well as the capital, population, flag, major religion, languages, currency, major imports and exports, literacy rate and seacoasts. The most comprehensive world geography game available. Educational Value: Learn world geography and cultural information Unique Features: * Wealth of information for children and adults * Summary sheet in instructions for information on cards * Current, accurate information * Instructions for six different games * Multi-level play allows players of all abilities to play together *2-6 Players, ages 8 and up.
  • World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Deck, The: World History and Geography: Ages 11-13
    by Lynn Brunelle
    ISBN: 0811852814
    The No. 1 selling kids' almanac becomes a fun educational tool in these portable decks tailored by age and subject. Seventy-five curriculum-based activities encourage children to develop their comprehension of a specific subject reading, math, history, and geography. The decks are packed with all-new brain-engaging games, puzzles, riddles, fascinating facts, and side-splitting jokes.
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