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Eclectic Homeschool Online Book Lists - How to HS: Titles Homeschoolers-J

This section of our website is devoted to book lists that you can take to your library. The lists are sorted by Category, Subcategory and then Topic.

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How to HS: Titles Homeschoolers-J List

  • Home Educating our Autistic Spectrum Children: Paths are Made by Walking
    by Kitt Cowlishaw (Editor), Terri Dowty (Editor)
    ISBN: 1843100371
    School can be a nightmare for children on the autistic spectrum. Far from learning social skills at school, they may find themselves in a hostile environment where they suffer teasing, bullying, and social isolation. Home education can provide a positive - and workable - alternative.

    In this sympathetic and readable book, parents who home educate their children with autism or Asperger's syndrome tell their personal stories: how they reached the decision to educate at home, how they set about the task, and how it transformed their children's lives. A chapter on getting started with home education answers frequently asked questions about teaching materials, curricula, and socialization, and a chapter on home education and the law offers solid practical advice on relations with the education authority.
  • Home Schooling (At Issue)
    by Cindy Mur (Editor)
    ISBN: 0737714115
    This item will be published in November 2002. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.
    An increasing number of parents have begun teaching their children at home in recent years. In this anthology, authors debate the effects of this alternative form of education on the academic, social, and family lives of young people.
  • Home Schooling Children With Special Needs
    Sharon Hensley
    ISBN: 1568570104
    It is estimated that 10% of American families have children with special learning needs. Sharon Hensley gives her readers a fresh perspective in facing the challenges of home schooling children with special needs. Parents will appreciate her first hand experience dealing with the frustrations and joys of raising and teaching children with special needs.
  • Home Schooling Father, The: How You Can Play a Decisive Role in Your Child's Success
    by Michael Farris
    ISBN: 080542587X
    Home school fathers face special challenges. No one knows this better than home schooling father Mike Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association and father of 10. Mike offers insight and guidance from years of experience. This book is a "must have" for your growing home school section.
  • Home Schooling for Life
    by Dale, Dr. Simpson
    ISBN: 1929683049
    As a home schooling father and psychologist, Dr. Dale Simpson helps new and experienced home schoolers by giving them encouragement to "go the distance." Prevent burnout in your home school; Dr. Simpson shows how to reduce stress in your home by developing realistic and helpful expectations. Discover how to avoid barriers to effective communication and learn techniques for improving your communication with all family members. Dr. Simpson shares three key questions to ask your children when they misbehave. Many have benefited from Dr. Simpson's Inside the Family column featured in Homeschooling Today® magazine as well as his seminars on family life. This book gives invaluable, very practical suggestions for parenting, marriage, and family management.
  • Home Schooling from Scratch : Simple Living - Super Learning
    by Mary Potter Kenyon
    ISBN: 0930192354
    Parents learn what they really need, how to find or create materials and opportunities for less money, and how to organize their household for economical, happy learning.
  • Home Schooling: Answers to Questions Parents Most Often Ask
    by Deborah McIntire, Robert Windham
    ISBN: 091611984X
  • Home Schooling: Status and Bibliography
    by Frederick M. Lawrence (Editor)
    ISBN: 1590334833
    From left to right on the political spectrum, there is at least one note of agreement: the nation's school system has not delivered universal quality education. Accordingly, debate has raged over how to rectify this situation. Should the government increase funding, encourage privatization, some of both? Another option, though, has emerged and is seemingly gaining popularity-home schooling. Citing both substandard education and displeasure with school environments and curricula, many parents have decided to teach their own children. Supporters say it is well within their rights to raise their children as they see fit and that at-home learning is superior to the public system. Detractors claim that home-schooled children are deprived of social interaction and the broad-based education provided by the system. Neither side wants to cede ground, making the issue of home schooling an integral part of a wider national debate on education. In this book, the specific topic of home schooling is presented from all relevant sides to give a complete picture of the present status of the issue and its potential for future resolution. Following this overview is a thorough and carefully selected bibliography of literature about home schooling from all viewpoints. Easy access to his important resource is then provided via author, title, and subject indexes.
  • Home Schooling: Status and Bibliography
    by Frederick M. Lawrence (Editor)
    ISBN: 1590334833
    From left to right on the political spectrum, there is at least one note of agreement: the nation's school system has not delivered universal quality education. Accordingly, debate has raged over how to rectify this situation. Should the government increase funding, encourage privatization, some of both? Another option, though, has emerged and is seemingly gaining popularity-home schooling. Citing both substandard education and displeasure with school environments and curricula, many parents have decided to teach their own children. Supporters say it is well within their rights to raise their children as they see fit and that at-home learning is superior to the public system. Detractors claim that home-schooled children are deprived of social interaction and the broad-based education provided by the system. Neither side wants to cede ground, making the issue of home schooling an integral part of a wider national debate on education.

    In this book, the specific topic of home schooling is presented from all relevant sides to give a complete picture of the present status of the issue and its potential for future resolution. Following this overview is a thorough and carefully selected bibliography of literature about home schooling from all viewpoints. Easy access to his important resource is then provided via author, title, and subject indexes.
  • Homeschoolers Book of Lists: More than 250 Lists, Charts, and Facts to Make Planning Easier and Faster
    by Sonya Haskins
    ISBN: 0764204432
    With more than 250 lists organized by subject, home educators, private school teachers, and other instructors will find important facts and essential information in one easy-to-use resource. The book and CD cover material for elementary-age grade levels in eight academic areas including science, geography, history, the Bible, and more. The book is designed to supplement and enrich the student's basic curriculum with challenging memory work and facts about great people, important dates, famous speeches, and much more. In addition, two chapters are dedicated to curriculum information, homeschool methodology and organization, checklists, and key Web sites for the parent-teacher.
  • Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook: Preparing Your 12- to 18-Year-Old for a Smooth Transition
    by Cafi Cohen
    ISBN: 0761527540
    With more than 1.5 million children being homeschooled nationwide, the number of college applicants coming from a homeschooling environment continues to grow. In Homeschoolers' College Admissions Annual, 2001, you will find the essential information you need to help your child through this transition. From finding the right college, to organizing the correct college introductory work, to helping their child emotionally through this important change, Cafi Cohen offers invaluable information to the homeschooling parent readying his or her child for higher education, including record-keeping and organization of transcripts, details about the admissions process and financial aid, and special requirements colleges request of homeschoolers.
  • Homeschooler's Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts, The
    by Loretta Heuer
    ISBN: 0028637380
    Provides critical advice, examples, and resources for designing the most powerful and persuasive admissions presentations. This guide cuts through the veil of mystery that surrounds the admissions evaluation process to provide frank, practical, advice from public educators, home and alternative school specialists, and admissions professionals on such critical topics as: When and how to start building a record. Choosing the best medium to convey high school achievements What records and documents must be included -- and what's better left out.
  • Homeschooler's Guide To..., The
    by Vicki Caruana
    ISBN: 1581343574
    In this practical book, Vicki Caruana and several other educational experts answer these questions and more. They offer answers to homeschoolers seeking guidance on a variety of issues:
    • Making the most of testing and evaluation
    • Running a home-based business
    • Fostering community involvement
    • Teaching high school and preparing for college entrance
    • Working with traditional schools
    • Homeschooling in a military setting
    • Joining and starting support groups and co-ops
    • Educating children with special needs
    • Study skills for children of all learning styles
    • Making music a part of a child’s education
    If you homeschool, this book should be at your fingertips to help you negotiate the exciting challenges of home education. It is a gold mine of information for homeschoolers who have children of all ages—for homeschoolers who want to learn.
  • Homeschoolers' Success Stories: 15 Adults and 12 Young People Share the Impact That Homeschooling Has Made on Their Lives
    by Linda Dobson
    ISBN: 0761522557
    One of the most common questions homeschoolers face is whether or not their children will be able to function in "the real world." Now that the first children of modern homeschooling have reached adulthood, the effectiveness of homeschooling in preparing children to become successful, capable adults can finally be assessed. This book is an in-depth exploration of life after homeschooling through real lives instead of test scores. You will meet a cross-section of confident, well-educated men and women who were homeschooled as children--men and women who have achieved success on a variety of levels. You will see how they have grown up using the skills they first grasped as homeschoolers, combining life and learning in the world of higher education, business, art, religion, and more. In a Class of Their Own is an inspirational "why-to" for homeschoolers and those considering homeschooling.
  • Homeschooling 101: The Essential Handbook
    by Mark Field (Author), Christine Field (Author)
    ISBN: 0805444335
    Where to begin and how to continue. . . Homeschooling 101 will help potential and current homeschooling parents caught between a proverbial rock (the expectations of the world when it comes to education) and a hard place (honoring God through the raising and teaching of their children).

    Veteran homeschool couple Mark and Christine Field write from experience about why homeschooling is best for children and how to make the process a complete success at every step. Chapters include discussions on the uniqueness of each child, practical advice on teaching children of different ages at the same time, the centrality of the Bible in the education process, and approaches to teaching various subjects, and much more.
  • Homeschooling Almanac, 2002-2003
    by Mary Leppert, Michael Leppert.
    ISBN: 0761528563
    Homeschooling Almanac is the up-to-the-minute resource for information on regional and national conferences, new products and programs, and the latest teaching techniques and tools for no-fail homeschooling.
  • Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery
    by David H. Albert
    ISBN: 1567512321
    Availability: This item will be released on April 15, 2003.

    Building on his success with And the Skylark Sings with Me, ("Truly inspirational," Paths of Learning Magazine ) David H. Albert's new collection of essays tackles the questions that parents actively invested in their child's education want to know most. What makes children learn fast? What method works best for teaching reading? Math? What is the basis for scientific understanding and excitement about science? (Hint: it isn't mastery of facts and figures!) Albert's work is strikingly controversial. How important is spelling? Ask the founding fathers--many of them didn't know how. Albert shows how you can use the groundbreaking concept of flow,increasing challenge to build increasing confidence, to propel your child's learning to new heights. In another essay he tackles that show-stopping conundrum: what to do with teenagers? As ever, his perspective provokes: parents aren't the pivotal part of the answer. Includes the stimulating essay, "How Not to Homeschool" in which he has homeschoolers provide their best answers to this question. From history to music, Albert delights, cajoles and coaxes the reader into a stunning revelation: your child's learning can transform what you know and how you know it if you take the plunge and get involved. The cover will be the result of a contest of homeschoolers for art depicting the voyage of self-discovery. For details, email
  • Homeschooling at the Speed of Life: Balancing Home, School, And Family in the Real World
    by Marilyn Rockett
    ISBN: 0805444858
    What should I do next; grade the math test or tackle the laundry? Homeschooling at the Speed of Life gives busy homeschooling mothers a thoughtfully thorough resource for bringing order back to their home. In tune with today's pace, the book provides basic home-management principles, teaching parents how to de-clutter their homes, develop life skills in their children, tame the paper monster, and keep organized records.

    Also emphasized are ways to build relationships and use the home as a center for hospitality and outreach. The book even includes Rockett's easily adaptable File-a-Plan organizing system on a bonus CD-ROM. Homeschooling moms will be keeping up with their good work in no time!
  • Homeschooling Book of Answers
    by Linda Dobson
    ISBN: 0761535705
    More and more families today are turning to homeschooling to teach their children. But where do they go to find honest, practical answers to questions such as: Can I afford it? Or, how will my child make friends without going to school? Look no further. This invaluable guidebook?completely updated to include the 101 most important homeschooling concerns?answers all those questions and more. Inside, you'll learn:
    * Methods of motivating, teaching, and testing homeschooled children
    * The latest on the growing use of distance-learning tools
    * Ways to homeschool your special-needs child
    * The differences between home-schooling younger children and teenagers
  • Homeschooling Book of Lists, The
    by Michael Leppert (Author), Mary Leppert (Author)
    ISBN: 0787996718
    The Homeschooling Book of Lists is a comprehensive, authoritative, and user-friendly resource for homeschoolers or anyone considering teaching their child at home. Written by Michael and Mary Leppert, two experts in the field of homeschooling, this easy-to-use book is filled with information, tips, and resources that will help you give your child an outstanding education.

    The book covers a wide variety of topics—including what to consider before homeschooling, state-by-state guidelines for homeschoolers, curriculum resources by subject area, and getting your homeschooled student into college.
  • Homeschooling for Dummies
    by Jenny Kaufeld, Jennifer Kaufeld
    ISBN: 0764508881
    Homeschooling for Dummies is part of the popular Dummies series found in bookstores nationwide. Now, in addition to learning to play the guitar, fix the transmission on your car, or how to cope with rainy golf course conditions you can learn to homeschool. Homeschooling has been simplified and explained in this book as in no other book before it. Homeschooling for Dummies is written for both the beginner and experienced homeschooling families. As is true with many resource books, Homeschooling for Dummies can be read from cover to cover or you can jump in at any place you find intriguing.
  • Homeschooling for Excellence
    David Colfax, Micki Colfax
    ISBN: 0446389862
    David and Micki Colfax provide a step-by-step manual for people who want to educate their children at home, written by two former educators who taught all three of their own sons at home--and saw them accepted at Harvard! An invaluable sourcebook for improving a child's education.
  • Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create a Superior Education for Their Child
    by Rebecca Kochenderfer, Elizabeth Kanna
    ISBN: 0446678856
    With continual reports on the decline of America's educational system, it's no wonder that millions of parents are considering homeschooling. Statistics show that homeschooled children score higher on the SAT and ACT exams than traditionally schooled children, and by the 8th grade are doing work four grades above their level. Now, for the more than two million parents who currently homeschool their children-and the countless others who are considering this educational option-the founders of the #1 homsechooling Web site,, present a comprehensive, nondenominational guide that can help anyone create a customized education to suit the strengths and weaknesses of their child. This book covers everything from getting started to legal requirements to single and working parent concerns and is an essential resource for anyone interested in homeschooling.
  • Homeschooling Handbook : From Preschool to High School, a Parent's Guide Revised 2nd Edition, The
    Mary Griffith
    ISBN: 0761517278
    This book will help parents do it all--from making the initial decision to embark upon homeschooling to designing a curriculum to navigating state regulations. For each age group, Mary Griffith discusses the curriculum and incorporates useful teaching ideas from schools such as Montessori and Waldorf.
  • Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for College Admission 2nd Edition
    by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
    ISBN: 1932096116
    You can design a solid high school program that both maximizes educational freedom and leads to successful college admission!

    Find answers to your questions about grading scales, diplomas, entrance exams, scholarships, application procedures, and much more, all while maintaining your family's ideal balance between autonomy and accountability in your home high school.
  • Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for College Admission, Revised
    by Jeanne Gowen Dennis
    ISBN: 1932096116
    You can design a solid high school program that both maximizes educational freedom and leads to successful college admission!

    Find answers to your questions about grading scales, diplomas, entrance exams, scholarships, application procedures, and much more, all while maintaining your family's ideal balance between autonomy and accountability in your home high school.
  • Homeschooling Methods: Seasoned Advice on Learning Styles
    by Paul Suarez, Gena Suarez
    ISBN: 0805440178
    For new and veteran homeschool families alike, this extensive new release from the editors of The Old Schoolhouse TM Magazine serves as "a homeschool convention in a book." It details today’s most viable education models, helping parents formulate an educational game plan and choose teaching methodologies. There are more than twenty contributors including Christine Field, Jessica Hulcy, Dr. Raymond Moore, and Dr. Ruth Beechick.
  • Homeschooling More Than One Child : A Practical Guide for Families
    by Carren W. Joye
    ISBN: 0595342590
    Here’s a book that addresses the special challenges of homeschooling two or more children for parents just starting to homeschool and veterans desiring fresh ideas. From extensive research and personal experience, author Carren W. Joye provides a comprehensive collection of quick tips and long-term solutions to make homeschooling more than one child a successful and rewarding experience.

    This sensible guide offers practical ideas on balancing the needs of different ages and abilities, juggling multiple commitments, choosing or designing a curriculum to fit each child, finding socialization opportunities that appeal to all ages, and more!
  • Homeschooling Odyssey: Second Edition
    by Matthew, James
    ISBN: 1598008439
    It was the fall of 1980 when six-year-old Jenny entered first grade in a small town in Washington. Like most parents, Matt and Barbara had high hopes that their daughter would thrive in the classroom. At their first parent-teacher conference they learned that Jenny was a weak reader who cried over the stories in her books. On further investigation, they concluded that the school, not their daughter, had failed to measure up. Thus began their riotous homeschooling adventure.

    Matt reviews the years with affection and humor, examining modern education and childrearing practices along the way.
  • Homeschooling Option, The: How to Decide When It's Right for Your Family
    by Lisa Rivero
    ISBN: 0230600689
    In this accessible and honest look at homeschooling, Lisa Rivero explores the diverse faces of homeschooled students and the ways in which it can help children with special learning needs. She corrects misconceptions through profiles of diverse families and addresses the changing and complex needs of children today. This book addresses the major questions parents are bound to have as they consider this option: socialization, curriculum, special needs arrangements, resources, and more.
  • Homeschooling Reflections
    by Connie Colten
    ISBN: 0974687405
    Homeschooling Reflections provides a look at a family of five children as they learn at home. Now four of the children are out in world. The book provides support for those deciding to start their own homeschooling journey, or for those who are started but wish to hear of a family with more experience. The oldest son attended school through fourth grade, the second kindergarten, and then there was un/homeschooling until the college years. Chris, the oldest, has a degree in accounting. He's married with a daughter. Shawn has now completed his BA degree and will be attending UCLA in the fall to work on his master's in Theatre. Devin works as a journeyman in the Heating/AC field. Donika attends community college majoring in dance and music. And Trevor still learns at home.
  • Homeschooling The Challenging Child: A Practical Guide
    by Christine M. Fields
    ISBN: 0805430784
    Often, families will choose homeschooling because they have children who cannot cope or thrive within traditional educational environments due to special physical or emotional needs. Homeschooling the Challenging Child addresses these special education issues, offering potential and current homeschooling families qualified and expert advice. Experienced homeschool mom and author Christine Field will offer hope and direction for those seeking to offer their children the best educational opportunities available.
  • Homeschooling the Child with ADD (or Other Special Needs): Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the Child with Learning Differences
    by Lenore Colacion Hayes
    ISBN: 0761535691
    For too long, children with ADD, ADHD, and other learning challenges were left to languish in schools insensitive to their needs and incapable of providing appropriate attention and instruction. But with the overall surge in homeschooling, many parents are considering the homeschooling option for their special-needs child. This timely book shines a spotlight on the challenges and joys of homeschooling special-needs children--children with disorders ranging from autism or ADD to those with other learning disabilities or who simply march to the beat of a different drummer. Author Lenore Hays has experienced and met this challenge personally as well as worked professionally with hundreds of homeschooling families.
  • Homeschooling the Child With Asperger Syndrome: Real Help for Parents Anywhere and on Any Budget
    by Lise Pyles
    ISBN: 1843107619
    Packed with inspiring ideas and tips that can be used with any curriculum and on any budget, Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome explains how to design a varied study programme built around the child's own interests, making use of simple material as well as computers and on-line resources. Parents planning to homeschool their child with Asperger Syndrome will appreciate Lise Pyles' encouraging and practical advice, including step-by-step instructions on how to assess and improve body language and social skills, accommodating the child's need for ritual or perfectionist tendencies, and how to develop handwriting and coordination skills.
  • Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades
    by Tamara L. Chilver (Author), Marie Mosley (Editor)
    ISBN: 0979631300
    Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades will give you a strong and concise foundation in elementary curriculum. This one-of-a-kind book is filled with creative teaching tips that can bring excitement into your school days. Learn techniques that simplify teaching and strategies that actively engage your child in the learning process. I bet you never knew teaching your child could be so much fun!
  • Homeschooling Your Child Step-by-Step: Practical Answers and Proven Techniques for Kids of All Ages
    by Lauramaery Gold, Joan M. Zielinski
    ISBN: 0761535888
    When approached with a well-thought-out and detailed plan, homeschooling is a great option. So where should people go to find the answers they need to be a prepared and effective homeschooler? Inside are responses to the most frequently asked questions about homeschooling, with the result being a middle-of-the-shelf how-to book for every homeschooler. Readers will find practical strategies and techniques that are perfect for every family, regardless of religious persuasion, educational philosophy, or parenting style. Unlike other homeschooling books that take a narrative approach, this valuable homeschooling resource gets to the point with its step-by-step, questions-and-answer approach.
  • Homeschooling Your Gifted Child: Language Arts for the Middle School Years
    by Lee Wherry Brainerd, Wendy Moss
    ISBN: 1576854302
    Many families choose to homeschool their children when they realize that they are more advanced than their classmates. Some parents have already made the homeschooling choice for other reasons. Regardless, homeschooling parents need challenging material to teach their gifted children. Students who learn at home will use this book to build on their already solid base of language arts and math skills as they prepare for the challenges of high school and beyond. This book brings together advanced skills practice for Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, and Spelling targeted specifically for the middle school student. Clear, straightforward, and engaging, parents find the lessons and practice questions to be the perfect supplement for standard middle school textbooks.
  • Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner (Paperback)
    by Kathy Kuhl (Author)
    ISBN: 0981938906
    Whether you homeschool, are considering it, or just want to help your child after school, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner helps you teach your child at home. Kathy Kuhl homeschooled her struggling learner for 4th-12th grades. After he graduated, she interviewed 64 homeschoolers with children with different learning problems, including autism, learning disabilities, AD/HD, and other conditions. She distills their wisdom while conveying her own experience and insights.
  • Homeschooling: A Parents Guide to Teaching Children
    by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
    ISBN: 0806519118
    Homeschooling not only describes what homeschooling is all about, it helps parents decide whether this choice fits their family lifestyle. This book covers virtually every aspect of homeschooling: why parents choose homeschooling, devising and implementing a personal philosophy of education, what to teach and how to teach it, handling the need for socialization, dealing with the bureaucratic system, and much more. Even if parents can't homeschool full-time, they will find that Homeschooling offers useful, practical information on how to educate their children at home part-time. If there ever was a liberation movement in America, this is it.
  • Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days : Share a Day With 30 Homeschooling Families
    by Nancy Lande
    ISBN: 0965130304
    From a bedroom community in Nebraska to a farm in Vermont, from families who rely on workbooks to those who have sworn them off, this in-depth examination of the lives of homeschoolers covers a wide range of people and methods. When author Nancy Lande started homeschooling more than 10 years ago, this is the book she wanted that didn't exist. What better way to create your homeschool than reading about others and picking and choosing the styles that appeal to you? Lande has corralled a variety of homeschoolers and, with some deft editing, allowed them to speak for themselves. Every chapter features a different household on any given day. Many of the writers are mothers, but a stay-at-home dad and several children tell their tales as well. Their detailed descriptions start in the waking hours of morning and get down to the nitty-gritty information of everyday life in a homeschool: how moms fit in showers, how chores are divvied up, how reading and research are gently initiated, how parents set aside time for themselves.

    These writers invite the reader into their homes and advise, "Don't mind the mess." Their passages are often funny and unflinchingly honest. They aren't embarrassed to tell you they whipped out SpaghettiOs for a hurried lunch or stole a peek at CNN while ignoring the chaos in the playroom. Some of the families have created highly structured school environments within their homes, with desks and sharpened pencils. Others promote freestyle learning, with their children sprawled across the house working on projects or reading in between walking the dog, playing games, and riding bikes. The majority of families here live in Pennsylvania, the author's home state, but one writes from as far away as Scotland, another lives on a mountain in Alaska, and yet another checks in from a college town in Texas. Their learning logs, reading lists, and journal entries, along with family photos, help illustrate the book. The quilt they piece together is a great service to those wondering how to approach homeschooling. --Jodi Mailander Farrell
  • Homeschooling: A Research-Based How-To Manual
    by Andrea D. Clements
    ISBN: 1578861284
    Here is a concise handbook of trustworthy, research-based information about learning and teaching for those interested in homeschooling. It is also very helpful for teachers in other arenas such as private schools, public schools, and church education programs. Exhaustive coverage is not the goal, but a concise, user-friendly guide is.
  • Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath--You Can Do This
    by Terrie Lynn Bittner
    ISBN: 0972807152
    If you want to homeschool your children but don't think you have the ability, Terrie's book will take you by the hand and show you how. She breaks the job down into doable chunks and carefully explains each part, giving you the confidence you need to get it done. Her explanations are clear and thorough.

    This book is for those who need reassurance, and the additional help that is required of parents who may be disorganized, disabled, shy, insecure, less educated, or otherwise not the "ideal" homeschooling parent.
  • Homeschooling: The Early Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8- Year-Old Child
    by Linda Dobson
    ISBN: 0761520287
    The formative years are the most critical to a child's education. They lay the foundation for developing learning skills that last a lifetime. For that reason, homeschooling during those early years takes on considerable importance to parents dissatisfied with traditional schools. Because of the unique challenges (and opportunities) of teaching the very young child at home, author Linda Dobson offers smart solutions to help every parent get off to the right start in this endeavor. In Homeschooling: The Early Years, parents will learn why homeschooling makes sense for this age group, the magical difference involved parents can make at this stage, creative ways to promote socialization among young children, appropriate use of technology in the early years, and tailoring your curriculum to meet your child's individual needs.
  • Homeschooling: The Middle Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 8- To 12-Year Old Child
    by Shari Henry
    ISBN: 0761520929
    Parents and educators often view a child's middle years as the 'magical' years--when innate talents and abilities really begin to flourish. They have reached the stage where they understand the fundamentals of most subjects and are still excited to learn more. Homeschooling: The Middle Years helps parents make the most of their children's crucial middle years by providing exciting ideas and activities that cultivate each child's individual interests.
  • Homeschooling: The Teen Years (Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 13- to 18- Year-Old)
    by Cafi Cohen.
    ISBN: 0761520937
    With today's growing parental concern about the safety, negative social pressures, and questionable teaching effectiveness in our nation's high schools, many parents are opting to teach their teenagers at home. With Homeschooling: The Teen Years as your guide, you will discover it's not as daunting or difficult a task as you've been led to believe. With real-life stories from dozens of families who have traveled the homeschooling road successfully, this book reveals the adventure and rewards as well as the special challenges of working with this age group. From finding an alternative to the prom to deciding if a diploma is necessary, this book addresses the unique concerns raised by parents of homeschooled teenagers.
  • Hothouse Transplants
    by Matt Duffy
    ISBN: 0929320123
    How do homeschoolers make it in the "real world" once they've graduated? Find out first-hand from 16 young adults who have gone on to college, careers, and marriage. Great for teens and their parents who are considering home schooling or deciding whether to continue through high school. HotHouse Transplants will inspire and encourage teens to desire God's best in their lives.
  • How to Create Your Own Unit Study
    by Valerie Bendt
    ISBN: 1880892421
  • How to Home School: A Practical Approach
    Gayle Graham
    ISBN: 1880892405
    You will learn how to plan and organize your lessons, teach reading, writing, and math with ease, pull subject areas together through unit studies, and make sense of all the curriculum choices. There is also practical help on how to streamline record-keeping. How to Home School is a “must read” for all home schoolers.
  • How to Homeschool (Yes, You!)
    by Julia Toto
    ISBN: 1563840596
    Provides answers to the questions most asked about home education: what's the best curriculum for my children, where do I find the right books, is it legal, do certified teachers teach better than stay-at-home morns, and much more.
  • How to Tutor
    by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
    ISBN: 0941995011
    In How To Tutor Blumenfeld provides parents and teachers with a complete instructional program: step-by-step lesson plans in the three R's: reading, writing, and arithmetic.
  • How to Write a Low-Cost/No-Cost Curriculum for Your Home-School Child
    Borg Hendrickson
    ISBN: 0945519214
  • I Hate School: How to Help Your Child Love Learning
    by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias
    ISBN: 031024577X
    Includes tips for home schoolers

    What do you do when your child hates school?

    When little Sarah cries herself to sleep at night, when Johnny has tummy aches in the morning, something is clearly wrong. An occasional problem at school is one thing. But what do you do when school is the problem? When your child hates school because school doesn’t like your child, you’ve got to act. Don’t let a one-size-fits-all educational system steal the joys and riches of learning from your son or daughter.

    Your child is unique, with a personal learning style that needs to be understood and respected. In this groundbreaking book, learning expert Cynthia Ulrich Tobias shows how you can work with your child’s school and teachers to tailor an education your child will love, not hate. Here are practical ways to craft an approach that draws out your son or daughter’s giftedness and minimizes the things that frustrate.

    Filled with practical applications and insights as commonsense as they are revolutionary, I Hate School includes a Learning Styles Profile Summary on which to base your plans and actions. So don’t waste time. Today, starting now, you can take steps toward an education for your child that will replace the words "I hate school" with "Is it time to go to school yet?"
  • I Learn Better by Teaching Myself and Still Teaching Ourselves
    by Agnes Leistico
    ISBN: 0913677124
    This new edition combines two popular books under one cover. How a homeschooling mother learned to trust her children-and herself-to learn in new ways. Covers elementary years through high school. These books are especially good for anyone wrestling with the question of "how much structure should there be in a homeschool?"
  • Imperfect Homeschooler's Guide to Homeschooling, The: A 20-Year Homeschool Veteran Reveals How to Teach Your Kids, Run Your Home and Overcome the Inevitable Challenges of the Homeschooling Life
    by Barbara Frank
    ISBN: 097421812X
    "The Imperfect Homeschooler's Guide to Homeschooling" is packed full of Barbara Frank's advice gleaned from over 20 years of homeschooling her four children, including one who has Down syndrome. As an eBook, it won rave reviews since it was published last year. Now, Cardamom Publishers has expanded the book, doubling it in size, and bringing it out in a perfect-bound edition. Readers will learn how they can: . Get past the "public school" way of thinking by customizing lessons for each child. . Boost their self-confidence by learning how to measure what their children have learned. . Reduce their stress level with "115 Organizing Tips for Homeschoolers." . Free themselves of attitudes and habits that make homeschooling harder than it has to be. "The Imperfect Homeschooler's Guide to Homeschooling" will encourage current and prospective homeschooling parents alike.
  • Joyful Homeschool, The
    by Mary Hood
    ISBN: 0963974068
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